Alicia Keys Plastic Surgery

Alicia Keys Plastic Surgery

Alicia Keys Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Alicia Keys is an Afro American singer cum song writer. She dragged the spotlight of attention in her debut album only, A Minor. She was ethnically black with a stunning figure and beautiful face. The reason of “was” in the previous sentence is significant because her natural, inherited appearance has changed considerably. Majority of celebrity viewers are showcasing the evidence of her journey under the knife. But what apparently made her visit a plastic surgeon? Or what kind of modifications (if any) she had undergone? Or whether these are only rumors and these changes are a result of perfect light and photo editing skills? Here in this page you will get a clear idea about Alicia Keys’ much discussed plastic surgeries. So, stay tuned with us.

Her early life and claim to fame

This New York born Song writer turn signer hails from a versatile family. After completing her graduation from University of Colombia she shifted her base from academic domain to singing domain. She was selected for Artista Records A&R musical group and after that there was no looking back after that. Her debut album was a huge hit and earned her 5 Germany Awards in 2002 in the category of “Best Actress and Song of the Year Award”. But at present, apart from her singing carrier, she is more in buzz for her drastic change in look and appearance.

Alicia Keys before and after

Her far reaching, noticeable evolution has given birth to too many disputes and one of them is the possibility of Alicia Keys plastic surgery. Her before and after pictures has thrown speculations over possible signs of Rhinoplasty, Skin-lightening and other face paving surgeries. However, no statement or press notice has come from her side confirming this said issue. This going numb and mute situation has made the overall scenario highly suspicious.

Suspected Nose Job

Alicia’s various teenage pictures display her cute nose as a wide and round projection. It was little, bulbous with flat dwarf bridge. According to the critics, her nose now seems even smaller and much longer. Moreover, some of them speculated that her nose is a degree thinner with sharp turned up bridge tip. Well, these all are speculations and no concrete evidence of the same is available.

Rumored Face lift

Even in her mid 30s, her skin seems toned, tight with no signs of upcoming wrinkles which to some seems to be quite uncommon. Correct lights and accurate photo editing skills can play mischievously with the natural ageing phenomenon. Skin experts give credit to plastics, but these are wild guesses as there is no sign of acceptance from Alicia’s side.

There are still no valid evidences about the prevalent rumors of the series of plastic surgeries done over Alicia Keys. Whatever might be the reason behind her sudden transformations, Alicia looks nice and fair so let us submit these blooming buzzes over to her and let her do whatever she feels like. All celebrities have certain secrets and myths, and those are best to be kept under veil.