Angela Bassett Plastic Surgery

Angela Bassett Plastic Surgery

Angela Basset Before and After Photos

She was born as Angela Evelyn Bassett on the 16th of August 1958 in Harlem New York. She is an American film director and actress. She is the daughter to Betty Jane and Daniel Benjamin Basset. Her parents separated when she was still young and she and her sister D’nette where raised under the care of their mother in Petersburg. Her mother was a social worker. She was given her middle name as an honor to her aunt. As an actress, she begun this road in the mid-eighties immediately after she graduated from Yale University. She is famous for portraying biographical roles. She has portrayed many iconic women including Tina Turner among many others. She has won a few awards and several award nominations which have seen to the uptick of her fame.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

Angela is known for her stunning looks and high sense of style and fashion. She is known for trying different hairstyles which in turn change her appearance. Throughout her career, she has not been associated with cosmetic surgery. She is a natural beauty who knows how to use makeup to enhance her natural beauty. However, as she ages, there a few changes that have been observed upon the comparison of her before and after pictures. These changes are believed to be due to the following cosmetic procedures including facelift, Botox, Jaw and chin enhancement. Like it is with most celebrities, she has remained quite over the rumors leaving the hit debate to critics.

Botox and Facelift

Angela’s face is free of wrinkles and other usual signs of aging. Clearly, she must be doing something to turn the hand of time. It is believed that she is benefiting from Botox and Facelift. These are noninvasive procedures loved by people who want to look young in an instant. When done right, these procedures are rarely noticeable as is the case with Angela. The sassy actress seems to have gotten the right results from the speculated procedures. They are almost untraceable throwing critics into confusion since they are unable to find strong evidence.

Jaw and Chin Enhancement

There is also a slight change in the actresses’ jaw. In her initial pictures, her jawline was almost hollow and curving into a relatively round chin. Lately, she has been spotted with a stunning oval face. It is argued that she had her jaw reshaped and her chin chiseled further. Her chin is sharper and well proportional to the rest of her facial features. She is definitely more attractive with her narrow face.

Surgery Results

Despite her silence over the trending speculations, she has obviously benefited from the fame garnered from these speculations. Her facial skin is rejuvenated and she has not lost her natural beauty. The ever stylish actress is the case of successful surgery. All her procedures were done to perfection. She shows us the positive side of cosmetic surgery. What her surgeons accomplished is admirable and her moderate engagement is definitely the way to go.