Awful Plastic Surgery


Awful Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Hollywood is considered the home of plastic surgery procedures. Thanks to plastic surgery, some celebrities have been transformed from moderately attractive women to smashing beauty queens. However, this does not mean that plastic surgery does not have a negative side. It has and its negative side is a scary sight. Cosmetic surgery is a gamble and there is never any surety that the celebrity will get what they want. There are some who are fortunate to have the chance at a corrective procedure which reduces the damage of an awful plastic surgery but others never enjoy this chance. Lists have been created based on the results of plastic surgery and every celebrity dreads to be a member of the awful plastic surgery list. Awful plastic surgeries are as common as successful plastic surgeries despite the current technological advances introduced in the field of plastic surgery. It is not always about the technology and surgeons, celebrities are sometimes responsible.

Effects of Awful Plastic Surgery 

When you have an awful procedure performed on you, the first thing that goes is your natural beauty. This affects self esteem and most people may fail to recover. This is where it ends only when your job does not delve so much on physical beauty. However, for the celebrities in showbiz, awful plastic surgeries may mean the end of a career. Awful plastic surgery earns fame but the wrong kind of fame that screams stay away from this celebrity. It leads to stigmatization and even the fall of a celebrities net worth. Different celebrities who have been brought to the limelight with similar plastic surgery results have openly shared their regrets. It is a waste of time and effort to invest all that money in looking good only to look worse in the end. A celebrity may even end up bankrupt since this may make the death of his or her career and money making opportunity at large.

Causes of Awful Plastic Surgery 

Awful plastic surgery often results when procedures are performed by inexperienced surgeons. The more experience a surgeon has in his field the more likely he or she is to deliver high quality results. Experienced surgeons are much more expensive than the inexperienced ones but they are worth the money. Sometimes, awful plastic surgery may result if the patient reacts with the materials used. For example a swollen face may result when the fillers used do not agree with the celebrity. Too much indulgence in plastic surgery also bears results that are off. Some celebrities are over ambitious when it comes to surgical makeover. They choose the wrong size and shape of features which do not suite them in all aspects. This results in distortion of eh original features. The cat lady plastic surgery is a good example of an awful plastic surgery. Despite the surgeon having successfully given her the cat look she so much desired, this look is just good for a cat and not a human being.

Can Awful Plastic Surgeries be eliminated? 

Everything has two sides and unfortunately awful plastic surgery is the other side of plastic surgery. However, both the surgeons and patients can adopt measures to ensure that the possibility of getting awful results is reduced. The essence of plastic surgery is to accentuate looks and boost general self esteem and careers were applicable. With awful plastic surgery, you can be sure that the opposite is achieved. Critics do not go easy on procedures gone wrong either, this makes issues worse for celebrities. Before making the decision to have a procedure performed, surgeons should consider counseling patients on how to deal with the results both positive and negative.