Big Ang Plastic Surgery

big ang plastic surgery

Big Ang Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Big Ang and her never say No’ to plastic surgery is now known to all. This entrepreneur turned reality TV star has dedicated addiction for cosmetic implants. In maximum cases, she came up with some horrible results, but still then there was no stopping by. Here we will throw some light on her big’ plastic surgery and the associated mishap. Stay tuned with us!

Big Ang, her life before and after plastics

Angela “Big Ang” Raiola is a famous for her reality TV series in America. She casts her first ever television appearance on the second season of the famous show, Mob Wives. Apart from being a small screen reality star, she is an entrepreneur who owns a bar in New York and it is running strong for 7 years. However, even if Angela Raiola won’t be a face in small screen daily, she also has various other reasons to grab spotlight- first, she is niece of late Genovese captain, Salvatore “Sally Dogs” Lombardi and obviously her eternal love for plastic and several other face correction surgeries.

Rumors about Plastic Surgery

Big Ang is a true plastic and implant lover, and this is quite evident from her numerous surgeries that she has undergone. Before and after pictures of Big ang plastic surgery shows valid evidence of her lip job, breast implants, liposuction, tummy tuck, Botox and Facelift. Apart from cocaine and drug addiction, she also suffers from a conflicting self image issue for which she is much in talk.

Lip job

The most eye damaging yet disturbing thing among all her plastic surgeries is her massive lip job. (Yes nobody can be as lucky as our young Sex bomb, Kylie Jenner). She progressed a little too far and then finally ended up with some serious duckling pout, full of trout.

Breast implant

According to Ang, at a very early age of 14, when she was just a developing girl, her breast size was already twice 36, double D. When she was only 27, she hit for her first breast implant and then after that she kept on doing the same in coming years for 2 more times. The procedure involved, puffing breast with sponge, which she knew was not good but still opted for the same. After that she shifted her base from sponge to saline and silicon.

Big reactions towards her plastic surgery

Big has always been extremely open about her love for plastic surgeries. She further cut short the hardship of her paparazzi via maintaining a rich collection of her exclusive before and after pictures in VH1 Blog. Once asked about her Jaw dropping 3 time special boob job, she said-“I’m good now, I have a 36 J and that is perfect. I think that when men look at me, they notice my height and my boobs. I am married to a 38-year-old and I am 52 and he is 6-foot-7.”

Big Ang, is a burning example of the side effects and incapability of deadly plastic surgeries. But as long as you are okay with it, you can show your love for plastics and allow it to shape yourself in a completely new avatar.