Blake Lively Plastic Surgery

blake lively before and after nose jobl

Blake Lively  Nose job Looks amazing!

Blake Lively


We all know that the ‘celebrities’ use and abuse of Photoshop and some get pretty extreme with cosmetic surgery. But there are many who never admit that have been refined. And if they do it only be after a long time.

The list is simply endless. And what is most in demand in Hollywood is, above all, a perfect nose. A nose thin profile that does not draw attention and be in harmony with the rest of the face.

Blake Lively has never admitted having  any plastic surgery, but even if he denies the change is obvious. The bridge of the nose is narrower and more pronounced peak, so as magic does not exist yet imagine that the actress visited at the time to a great surgeon. The result is certainly very natural.

Natural or not

So, before thinking about how perfect is this or that celebrity, better think twice if  its really natural or is she had it chiseled good  for the Hollywood style. It is not always gold that glitters.

However, not all succumb to surgery. Lea Michele, Glee, confessed a few years ago he did not want to change her nose, even though it was asked, because it was part of his personality.

The truth is that all these stars (and many more) have had a good base and top surgeons, but also some are exceeded with a scalpel and become part of the gallery of horrors.This is Hollywood!

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