Brooke Hogan Boob Job

brooke hogan boob job

Brooke Hogan Boob Job Before and After Pictures

Brooke Hogan is an American actress, singer, reality television star and media personality. She is the daughter of World Wrestling Champion, Hulk Hogan. She took an early and keen interest in music and worked on her first studio album in the year 2002. Her first album, ‘Uncovered’ was released in 2006. Her most famous album is ‘About Us’. She starred in her own television series, ‘Brooke Knows Best’. Later on, she made many appearances in low budget television shows and films. She recently features in ‘L.A. Slasher’ which received mixed reviews. Brooke is multi talented, elegant and a candid celebrity. She has never falsified her breast implant rumors. She has always been honest about breast augmentation, unlike other celebrities. It was in the year 2007, at a tender age of 19, when Brooke had her first surgery. She went in for breast surgery after consulting her father as she has absolute trust and faith in his decisions.

Breast Augmentation

Brooke Hogan clearly has a very pretty face with highly feminine features. She, at present, has curves to die for. But earlier, her breasts were quite baggy. However, after the surgery, her breast’s size increased significantly. The change was very much obvious in her photos. The size of her breasts increased from B to 34D. Her busts look wider and fuller. Breast augmentation was a sure shot success for her. It must have been performed by some expert as her breasts look completely natural even after the surgery. Even experienced surgeons believed that she had Silicon implants done for augmenting her breasts.

Other Surgeries

It seems to be very much evident that Brooke Hogan also used Botox injections to get a more radiant look on her face. But these are just rumors and nothing can be said concretely. When we take a closer look at her before and after photos, we can see that her skin looks quite aged with a hint of wrinkles and jowls. This can be the result of natural ageing without any interception of Botox injections. However, at an age 27, wrinkles and jowls are pretty uncommon. There are also speculations that the actress underwent Rhinoplasty in order to have a good looking nose. There is definitive evidence to support this speculation. After Rhinoplasty, her nose looks similar to that of Michael Jackson – thin and elongated. But her new nose absolutely suits her.


Like many other celebrities, Brooke Hogan also seems to have had a taste of the knives. Plastic surgeries are those rejuvenating programs which people find very hard to resist. After all, who does not want to look good? For media people, good looks become all the way more important. Good looks is one very important weapon of actors and actresses throughout the world. It can never we sacrificed if he/she wants to have a good acting career. Maintaining good looks is hence extremely crucial for them and plastic surgery is an ideal option in this case. In Brooke Hogan’s case, breast implant and nose surgery have been an absolute success. Despite the surgeries, the actress has not changed much and still retains most of her natural beauty. Her body has always been in great shape and after having breast augmentation done, she has greatly increased her appeal. However, she needs to work really hard on her skin.