Cher Plastic Surgery

cher plastic surgery

Cher Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Cher is a living legend in Hollywood. She is regarded as the queen of pop. She had a fair share of rumors centering her career and unbelievable teen look. Cher now almost approaching towards 70, looks half of her age. There is something everyone is suspicious about and that is Cher’s plastic surgery. She’s been quoted as saying “Everyone says I am terrified of getting old, but the truth is that in my job becoming old and becoming extinct are one and the same thing.” So what’s a girl – I mean, woman – I mean, old lady… to do?

A brief info about Cher

Cher had a successful music filled career, running strong for 5 decades. She is popularly acclaimed as the “Goddess of Pop” in the music industry. Born in California, Cher has many feathers to her holistic resume. She is a pop singer, musician, fashion designer and a film producer. Her first single debut song-“I got you Babe”, earned her overnight popularity. She became the queen of pop and ruled many hearts for years.

Cher, before and after comparison

A close look at her face reveals some unusual youthful signs, which is quite unexpected at her age. When in this age other women go through drastic changes in their skin texture, she still flaunts flawlessly smooth skin without any age signs. Her current look raises numerous suspicious flags of cosmetic inputs. Her skin is super smooth; with zero frown line even at the age of 68, and that is hard to accept as natural.

Buzz against facelift

There are plenty of whispers and buzzes around her about her suspected facelift. Well, keeping her age in mind, Cher’s jaw line shows some rare degree of tightness. However, the exact specifications regarding the facelift surgery is still a mystery and she hasn’t yet opened up about this.

Brow lift and rumors

Her eye brows are not saggy nor are they loose skinned. It is much more appealing and crease free and what more surprising is, it is brighter than before. Most of the people say it is a result of a brow lift operation, but the real fact is still unknown.

Plasty controversy in Rhino and Blepharo

Blepharoplasty and Rhinoplasty are usually undertaken to re-define the eyes and nose. Critics say that Cher has taken help of these two cosmetic treatments to modify her eye lids and nose bridge and has made them look better.

Cher’s reactions and comments

Cher, being a straight forward personality, proudly confirms her visit under the scalpel of a cosmetic surgeon. Cher was once found saying that, Plastic surgery makes her happy. According to her, in order to withstand this sheer pressure of staying gorgeous and to sustain this ever competitive rat race, she at her 70’s is now taking plastic help.

Overall, the new transformed Cher is pleasurable for the eyes to see, though her few over the top youthful signs raise certain eyebrows. But it is showbiz and certain buzzes are not that harmful. Rather, these buzzes and rumors are instrumental to keep the limelight on the celeb for quite some time.