Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Photos

Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Photos

Daryl Hannah Scary Look After her Surgeries

Daryl Hannah was a beauty icon in the early 80’s when she hit the movie ‘splash’. 20 years on, she was still as good as young Daryl when she acted her hit movie ‘Kill Bill’. This marked the end of her natural beauty and the preceding plastic surgery events tainted her image forever. This blonde bombshell is barely recognizable now because of Botox injections, cheek implants and eye facelift which all went wrong for her.


A majority of the Hollywood celebrities cannot withstand the pressure to fight back the ageing body and so was Daryl Hannah but the results were too unfortunate for her. Her plastic face looks swollen, a result of the numerous fillers on her cheeks. She is also a product of fish lips and funky eyebrows which have resulted from over-Botoxing.

Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Photos

Daryl Hannah had sought Botox fillers to create an illusion of wrinkles that were creeping on her face. While she expected to retain a youthful and glittering look, the Botox worked in the opposite. She now has to subsist beneath a puppet look. The additional fullness at the mid-face can barely be recognized as beautiful.


While Daryl Hannah claims that she is too much of a coward to go for the surgeons knife, her eye facelift suggests otherwise. The skin surrounding her eyes looks tighter but it does not come with the attractive glitter that is expected of a successful plastic surgery.


She also admits to have puffy and squinty eyes at some point but plastic surgery has never come anywhere near her words. Though it is a procedure that denied her the job she was working to defend, it is obvious that she will never admit it. She even threatened of suing people because of this ‘rumour’ but no one can tell what happened to her plans.


Experts say that she appeared suspiciously younger all of a sudden, but it did not take log before they grouped her with the many celebrities who go for cosmetic surgeries and pick up a Muppet look. The natural beauty that she was struggling to defend is no longer part of her, a lesson that most celebrities should learn but they have never.