David Cassidy Before and After Surgery Pics

David Cassidy Before and After Plastic Surgery

David Cassidy’s Perfect Skin – Before and After Plastic Surgery

There have been rumors that David Cassidy, the once teenage heart throb, has undergone plastic surgery. The 63 year old’s skin is quite smooth for his age, and his full “apple” cheeks look higher and fuller now than they have for many years. What does he say about the matter? And what have been the observations of the professionals? It all leads to the verdict.

What David Says

Mister Cassidy claims that he doesn’t care about his looks nearly as much as others do. At the age of eighteen he had the face of a 12 year old. At the time he hated that fact, but now he loves it, as he truly believes that is the reason why he has his smooth complexion. People tell him he looks great, he says, so he isn’t concerned about trying to capture his youth through the blade. He does admit, however, that in 1979, he had fat removed from his eyes. This under eye “luggage” was supposedly inherited from his grandfather. He says that he is very happy with himself and that he feels bad for those who don’t have the same self confidence. Says the middle aged father of two with nearly perfect skin! Pfff!

David Cassidy Before and After Plastic  Surgery

What the Professionals Say

Surgeons have agreed with the rumors that David may have undergone a face lift, or maybe even an artificial facial filler. He looks so frozen and plumped up, they say, that he certainly looks like a plastic surgery victim. His wrinkle free complexion leads one Manhattan plastic surgeon to believe that he got botox in the forehead area, as well as a filler in his plump, lifted cheeks. Nobody has those things at that age!

The Verdict

So what is the verdict? David Cassidy says that he has only had one operation, the one in 1979 to remove fat from under his eyes. The rumors and professionals, however, beg to differ. His smooth, toned complexion and plumped cheeks spell knife work for most people, although David claims it’s simply his good genes he has to thank. His face appears very lifted in the forehead and cheeks, and many professionals agree that this is probably the result of plastic surgery. Nevertheless, Mr Cassidy denies it. You have both sides of the story now. You may therefore take from it what you will!