Did Suzanne Somers Have Plastic Surgery?

Did Suzanne Somers Have Plastic Surgery?

Suzanne Somers is best known as Chrissy on the hit show Three’s Company. The beautiful Miss Somers has even appeared in Playboy magazine. If Suzanne has had some cosmetic surgery done she hasn’t talked about it. She is now in her sixties and is still very beautiful, but by looking at her photos of a younger girl and the older lady that she is now, I think it is pretty obvious that she has had some work done.

Did Suzanne Somers Have Plastic Surgery?

It may have just been subtle work, nothing major. Most would agree that if these procedures were done, it came out ok with some decent work. She doesn’t look all clownish or devilish in appearance as some stars do after they have their surgery. The rumors about Suzanne Somers plastic surgery probably resulted from noticing her youthful looks even though she is an older gal in her sixties. The list of rumors mentions that she may have had several different procedures.
As I mentioned before Suzanne has denied all rumors of procedures being done. Plastic surgeons on the other hand have different opinions on this matter. According to the famous Dr. Paul Nassif he has said “it seems she might have had some work done on her cheeks,possibly a brow lift, and possibly some filling done on her lips”. Suzanne is still very beautiful though, so I would not say it was a case that went wrong. At least if these procedures were done, she had it done subtly.

It helped to keep her appearance more youthful instead of some of the weirder things we see with stars, for example Carrot Top. A case that went definitely wrong somewhere. Considering all things I can’t say that the rumors are true. Until Suzanne comes clean and admits the truth, these rumors will remain speculation, though they most likely are true.