Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery Before and After Pic

donatella versace before plastic surgery

Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery Disaster

Long long ago, when we were just angels in the sky and dinosaurs ruled the earth (ok, not even that long ago), believe it or not, but Donatella Versace also looked normal like the rest of us. Too many it may come as a surprise to find out that Donatella actually belongs from our very own planet and her present looks are actually the result of her encounters with the knife. Before you literally go into shock or die of a brain aneurysm from the news, let me tell you the tale of Donatella Versace Before Plastic Surgery and the accident which followed.

donatella versace before plastic surgery

Once upon a time, when Gianni was the only Versace the world knew. Donatella Versace was only a figure lost behind her brother’s shadow and it was with the loss of her brother, that she vowed to transform into a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle herself to avenge the death of her brother. Ok, maybe we are just pushing the facts of her plastic surgery a little too far, but what else can we do except make up stories about her looks? Before undergoing the knife, Donatella looked extremely normal. With dove like lips and beautiful hazel eyes, Donatella truly defined beauty in every sense. But it was when she entered into the dreaded 30’s (for men it’s 40’s) that she realized that she desperately had to hold on to her looks. Maybe it was a wrinkle on her forehead or maybe it was the dark circles under her eyes due to the lack of sleep, but she has managed to hold on to the knife ever since she first came across it in the 90’s.

As the years passed by Donatella did everything from lip augmentation to facelift, but even with all her desperate attempts to hold on to her youth, she only managed to turn herself into the official statutory warning of what could happen if a surgery goes wrong. Her perils started with a single lip job gone wrong and to compensate for her newly bloated lips, she literally reconstructed her entire face. Even though any normal people would simply try to reverse the effects of the lip augmentation, being a celebrity Donatella tried her luck with multiple surgeries and all we can say is that it did not end well for the 54 years old fashion giant.