Donatella Versace Young

donatella versace young

Donatella Versace Young – Before and After Pictures

Donatella Versace is an Italian designer and Vice President of the Versace Group. Her late brother, Gianni Versace had launched a perfume brand named ‘Blonde’ dedicated to her. He gave Donatella, his own diffusion label ‘Versus’. After her brother’s death, Donatella took over the label’s design. Versace is also associated with many charity works. She is presently sixty years old and we are shocked to see her drastically changed looks which are not much appreciated by the public. Twenty years ago, this fashion guru had smooth skin and naturally full lips. But now, she looks almost unrecognizable.

Donatella Versace Skin Treatment

At present, Donatella’s skin looks very smooth and shiny which might be a result of excess Botox and laser resurfacing. It is but normal for people like Donatella to opt for different skin treatments as they always have to stay under the limelight. It is hence not shocking for us to know that Versace used Botox injections to make her ageing skin, radiant. We are only surprised at the quantity of Botox she has used as her skin looks unnaturally tight and shiny.

Donatella’s Comments

Donatella said in an interview that she does not believe in hundred percent natural women. Cosmetic surgeries are a need for women which cannot be ignored. In order to have high self-confidence and self-esteem, surgeries have now become an inevitable part of women’s life.

Donatella Versace back in 2008

Donatella looked paler at Cannes and had faint lines around her eyes and mouth. This basically implied that she may have eased on the use of Botox. But it was definitely not the case. Many cosmetic surgeons maintained that numerous treatments were done which changed her face’s shape drastically.

Donatella Versace in 2015

She had a glassy skin texture which is clearly a result of excess Botox. Many surgeons also suggest that she had a continued use of different fillers, the most common one being the lip filler. There are also reports which suggest that she had also used cheek fillers. There is also a visible change in her face structure. This might be due to lower face and neck lift. Her before and after photos suggest that generally, the most noticeable areas of transformation on her face are lips, cheeks and forehead. It also seems that Versace’s eyebrows have also lowered with time. This can be done simply with threading, plucking and waxing.


In a bid to maintain youthful appearance, celebrities undergo different types of surgeries. An injection here or there can often get away with, but time after time, these celebrities come out from under the knife with a face full of disasters. In case of Donatella, the most prominent areas of change have been her cheeks and lips. Her trademark smackers have made their place on almost every list of plastic surgery faux pas. Some changes are acceptable, but an entirely changed face structure and features are not acceptable, that too when the results are so disastrous. However, Versace has never publicly voiced her unhappiness with the changes.