Donna Mills Plastic Surgery

Donna Mills Before and After Surgery Pics

The Former Actress of  ‘Knots Landing’ is Suspected of Having Quite a few Surgeries

Donna Mills Before and After Surgery Pics

Donna Mills Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born as Donna Jean Miller on the 11th of December 1940. She is an American actress and producer who begun her show biz career in 1966 with a recurring role in the movie The Secret Storm. Her first step towards the world of fame begun way back after she had completed her university education and had begun a dancing career. She released her film debut in 1967 in the film The Incident, a year after she had begun her acting career. She is famous for her long running role as the villain Abby Cunningham in the soap opera Knots Landing. At the age of 74, the veteran actress has stolen the hearts of many with her exceptional talent and striking looks. She looks like a woman in her fifties making people raise eyebrows over the reason behind her age defying beauty. Looking at her pictures, it is evident that she has done something to herself since it beats logic that she can look that stunning in her late years.

Donna Mills Plastic Surgery

What Are Her Surgeries?

It is speculated that the only reason why Donna looks this stunning after seven and a half decades of life is because she depends on the surgeon to perform a nip here and a tuck there to hold everything together. She has really benefited from these procedures since they have taken a good number of years off her face. Although the results of her surgery are controversial, she still has a young and radiant face to boost of. Some of the critics think that she has been on these procedures for a long time and has lost her natural appeal. However, there are those who are impressed with the fact that she has not over indulged in any of the said procedures and she looks amazing. It is matters of opinion and all you have to do is take a look at her after photos and decide. Her surgery cannot be rated as the best but there is nothing wrong with it.

Botox and Dermal Injections 

Donna has a plump and smooth appearance all thanks to dermal injections and Botox. Looking at her age, it is clear that one time usage is impossible for her and she requires regular use since she is at the peak of aging. However, contrary to expectation, she has disciplined herself to engage in these procedures moderately. Her moderate use of Botox has helped her get rid of the horizontal lines which should have formed all over her face now. Before criticizing the actress for setting the wrong example, it is vital to look at the other side of the coin and appreciate the fact that she will have no place in Hollywood if she fails to take care of herself.

Facelift and Neck Lift 

Facelift is a complementary procedure for Botox. The two procedures smooth out fine lines leaving the skin looking smooth and tight. Just like Botox, a facelift can lead to the frozen effect if not handled with care. Donna Mills can afford a smile, a laugh and a frown meaning that her procedures did not interfere with any of her facial muscles. She also had a neck lift. Neck lifts accompany facelifts in order to ensure that the texture of the facial and neck skin is consistent. Also, a neck lift gets rid of the turkey neck. It is amazing how Donna has managed to look natural despite the fact that she has had many procedures and most of which she had repeatedly. She is still famous for her elegance, hard work and sophisticated sense of fashion and the cosmetic surgery speculations have not killed her career but have brightened it instead.

in our opinion Donna Mills probably went under the knife, a few of the procedures she may had done are: face lift, Botox, chin augmentation and Dermabrasion. Also a great make up artist did a great job in her face. All in all amazing results specially at that age, I really think Madonna could use her plastic surgeon for a change.