Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery

Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery

Emily Blunt Before and After Pictures

She was born as Emily Olivia (Leah) Blunt on the 23rd of February 1983 in London. She is a successful English actress who has appeared in several television movies including The Young Victoria among many others. She is the daughter to Janice and Barrister Blunt. Her mother worked as a teacher and was once an actress. She is the sister to Felicity, Suzanna and Sebastian. She has earned herself several award nominations including 5 Golden Globe awards, 2 London film critics circle, 4 critics’ choice and 1 Bafta award. She was cast in BBC’s television drams Gideon’s Daughter, a role which won her a Globe award. She also has a BAFTA award to her name. When she was 16, she was enrolled at the Hurtwood house: known for performing arts. She had a stuttering problem when she was young but her teacher helped her get over it.

Cosmetic Surgery Speculations

It is believed that the sassy English actress has had a few works done. The speculations were about in the air after she showed with noticeable transformations which suggested cosmetic surgery. Just like most celebrities, she has neither confirmed nor denied the trending speculations making it difficult to ascertain the truth. However, the input of accredited surgeons suggest that the actress may have actually benefited form good work. Dr. Michael Salzhauer has suggested that the actress has undergone a number of facial procedures. Dr. Paul Nassif echoes Salzhauer’s words and adds that the actress has benefited from subtle facial procedures. Although her changes are subtle, they are readily noticeable upon the comparison of her before and after pictures.

Rhinoplasty Claims, Lip Enhancement and Cheek and Chin Implants

It is believed that the slight change in the shape and size of her nose is due to a nose job. This is a common procedures among celebrities. They are always striving for perfection and a nose job to chisel out and narrow the ridge of the nose is a favorite for many. Dr. Paul Nassif argues that despite the fact that her nose job is not so obvious, she has clearly benefited from this procedure since her nose is more pinched and much smaller. Luckily for her, it matches her facial appearance and nothing seems out of place.

Her lips look pumped as opposed to her initial thin lips. It is believed that she benefited from collagen fillers. Her face also evidences the possibility of a minor facial reconstruction attempt. Her chin I more pronounced giving her face an oval appearance. Her cheeks are full, not so natural for a 32 year old. It is believed this is her attempt to improve her appearance and reverse the aging process. Dr. Salzhauer confirms the lip, cheek and chin procedures associated with her current appearance.

Surgery Results

The acting sensation is a plastic surgery success. She has improved her appearance without readily giving it away. She looks great and natural despite having the said procedures. Her elegant appearance has earned her immense fame and her career is soaring higher.