Emily Maynard Veneers Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

emily maynard veneers

Emily Maynard Veneers Plastic Surgery and New Look

Emily Maynard is popular for her dramatic and dazzling looks but her recent pictures may be an indication that the overwhelming attraction is not natural. It has been published that this celebrity had a plastic surgery back in 2010, and some of the procedures associated with her include veneers, breast implants and a nose job. emily maynard veneers


Having an incredible set of neat and well-arranged teeth, everyone had a guess that she must have sought some cosmetic job on them. Looking at her oral arrangement, veneers could be the most reasonable explanation to such a significant change.

Nose Job

After analyzing some of her pictures, it is obvious that Emily Maynard’s current nose is slightly pinched. The new look appears to complement her face, and the job seems well done. Beauty must have been her main concern because she is still young to worry about the aging signs.

Breast implants

There is a notable change in the size and shape of her breasts too. She argues that it could be the effect of child delivery, but everyone knows that it has more to do with size rather than the shape. The only option that could have perfected the shape of her boobs as seen today is a breast augmentation procedure.

Botox injections

Her face has lost the natural look that she had before, perhaps because of Botox injections. She is rather to smooth and tight to be natural. Everyone wonders why she had to seek such a procedure at a time when the aging signs are far from reaching her. However, people understand the numerous expectations that are demanded from celebrities. Nonetheless, for such a young body, it is an indication of high rates of insecurity and poor self image. In summary, there are no clear proofs to the rumors concerning Emily Maynard’s plastic surgery, but her images before and after surgery are sufficient enough to confirm the information. She looks excitingly beautiful on the TV shows where she features but the next big thing that fans are waiting for is to ascertain whether she will seek more cosmetic procedures by the time she starts to age.