Emma Stone Plastic Surgery

Emma Stone before and after final

Emma Stone Before and After Pics

Long gone are the days when talent and good looks were the two only things required to become a celebrity. As today the celebrity status is judged by the number of plastic surgeries anyone can humanly undergo to hold onto their age or enhance their looks. While most times falling prey to the curse of the knife can have its own share of bad luck, there are those select few times when the knife actually manages to live upto its cause. The latest celebrity to fall prey to the curse of plastic surgery is none other than Emma Stone and even though she has been denying all charges of going under the knife, something tells us that there is more to the Emma Stone plastic surgery story.

emma stone plastic surgery

In recent years Emma sky rocketed to the A-List with some of the most memorable movies of all times, but her recent pictures suggest that it is not only her celebrity status which has undergone a makeover. Even though Emma is only 25 years old and it has been only a few years since she gained her A list stars, it looks like she popped out of puberty a little late. She looks nothing like the redhead with freckles, who behaved like a Tomboy and made me fall in love with her. Rather she seems to have become a pirated version of another glorified redhead who turned blonde (Lindsay Lohan).

More Ema Stone Pics

It goes without saying that she has definitely lost those broad shoulders which would make any quarterback shy and that too without any surgery whatsoever (trust me I know what I am talking about, liposuction will make your skin all wrinkly and scary). Her recent pictures show that she has also managed to completely reform her nose as a whole. Ok, so I believe that your face is the first thing that gains weight, but the shape of the nose changing entirely? That is one story that I am not buying into. I am two thousand percent sure that she either got a nose job done or she had an introduction with Michel Angelo’s chisel, which managed to completely destroy and recreate her nose entirely.

 Ema Stone Nose Job

Emma might be smart, but I am smarter and I actually pay attention to detail. Which means that Emma surely, positively, undoubtedly, undergone rhinoplasty (nose job). I just hope that her good fortune with the knife continues and that she too doesn’t fall victim to the curse of the knife and end up looking like the cat lady.