Emma Watson Boob Surgery

Emma Watson Boob

Emma Watson Boob Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Yes.. Yes.. Yes.. Today we are talking about the little girl who played the character of Hermione Granger in Harry Potter series. Yes, that little kid who played the role to the epitome of perfection. Well to be precise she is not a kid anymore and you can find many interesting made up or may be real stories about her bra size and boob surgery getting famous over the Internet. Isn’t it amazing..!! Emma Watson has transformed from that messy haired small girl to a hot, confident and classy lady in the span of time the world could not pay attention to.

Emma Watson Boob

Accepting the fact that now she is the queen of millions of the hearts, people are taking exponential interest in her assets like never before. There are a lot of grapevines about Emma Watson boob surgery and her bra size. We have not seen any of her obscene or nude photo till yet from any source, so it would be difficult to guess the reality of these stories. However in her many roles played in several movies she has always been successful in maintaining her image of a sexy and stylish youth icon. Her grace and fresh looking face combined has taken her towards being the brand ambassador of Lancome, which is a great honor for someone with such a small age and experience in the industry. She also did the cover page of Teen Vogue just at the age of 15 and what not.

You might laugh on it but I would also like to bring in to your kind notice that she has always been a great student showing that studies also matter for her same as her acting carrier, but who cares about it at the moment… We were discussing about a much more interesting topic- Emma Watson boobs and her bra size. Coming to that we can fairly say that her bra size is 32B.This also proves that she is all natural till yet and has not gone through any further figure improvement act. More over her total measurements 32-24-34 also shows that she is in sync with her naturally beautiful physique. Watching some close up pictures we find her boobs being in a regular shape not showing any trace of some surgery.

On the contrary we also heard some stories stating that she was going through a breast enhancement surgery for a 3D version of some movie as this will enhance her appearance in that. Not too sure about it, we would not like to throw any obscure comment on this beautiful and charming lady. After watching a new celebrity everyday being eaten by cosmetic surgery fad, it feels good watching some one happy and successful with his/her natural physique and who confidently flaunts his/her assets so well.

This classy brown eyed girl has a long career ahead and we wish her the success with the flying colours in all the endeavours. She has all the talent to make her way to the top without asking for any help from a cosmetic surgeon.