Erica Durance Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

erica durance plastic surgery

Erica Durance Plastic Surgery and New Look

Erica Durance is a lovely Canadian actress rumored to have succumbed to the Hollywood pressure of plastic surgery. Dreaming to make it in Hollywood, it is speculated that plastic surgery was inevitable. At thirty five, this beautiful actress boasts of full and firm breasts, something that is quite unlikely for women her age.

erica durance plastic surgery

What Surgeries Has She Had?

Ericka Durance plastic surgery includes breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction, eye and jaw jobs. It is common sense that a woman’s body undergoes numerous changes. However, it is amazing how these changes occur rapidly only among a selected few. Ericka durance constantly denies having had a breast augmentation but clearly the rapid changes in the size and shape of her breasts leave a lot to be desired. Unlike in her small Ville days, her breasts are fuller and much firmer. There is no doubt that she looks good and her clothes drape well.

The rhinoplasty is thought to have given her nose the slender and narrower bridge. Additionally, the liposuction, eye and jaw enhancements are believed to be behind her narrower facial features.

Have The Surgeries Been Confirmed?

Like most celebrities, she denies having had any of the above surgeries. In her TV interview, she vents out to the originators of these rumors and accuses them of creating speculations that are contrary to her personal beliefs. She does not deny the fact that her body has undergone a number of changes. Amazingly, she alludes these changes to exercise, good eating habits and make up.

According to this pretty faced Canadian actress, her firm and full breasts are as a result of her weight lifting specifically bench pressing. If you have been in similar exercises and are yet to see the same results, maybe you should consider asking her for tips! Additionally, she eats a diet rich in protein but low in carbs. An interesting actress indeed! She further alludes her slender nose to makeup. She says that when used perfectly, a concealer can do wonders for a wide nose.

Rumors about Ericka Durance’s plastic surgery remain mere speculations. However, a comparison of her before and after photos will help you decide if there is any truth in these rumors. Surgery or not, the Canadian actress has managed to adapt and maintain a sexy look.