Haylie Duff Plastic Surgery

Haylie Duff Plastic Surgery

Haylie Duff Plastic Surgery – Before and after Pics

She was born in Houston Texas on the 19th of February 1985. She is the true definition of the modern woman. She is an author, a television presenter, a singer, film producer, songwriter, food blogger and a business woman. She is the daughter to Susan Colleen and Robert Erhard. She is also the older sister to the actress and songwriter Hilary Duff. Her mother is a film producer and homemaker. Her father is a business man: he is the owner and partner of a chain of convenience store, a family business he runs with her grandfather. She took up ballet classes at a very tender age. When she was eight years old, she landed a role in Nutcracker Suite. Her initial career beginning was when she was cast as an offshoot during her dance training.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

Rumors about the actresses’ relationship with plastic surgery begun as soon as she appeared with major transformations on her face. With plenty of her before and after photos circulating all over the internet, these changes are hard to miss. She is a bit different from before and critics have associated this with a few procedures. It is not a surprise that she may have finally succumbed to plastic surgery since the issue of normal growth changes is out of question. Her younger sister was once rumored to having had her nose reconstructed and it is inevitable that her decision to go for the same may have been influenced by this. Haylie has chosen to turn a deaf ear on the circulating rumors.

Nose job and Jaw implant

The change in the shape and narrowness of her nose is evident. Unlike before, her nose appears pinched with a narrow ridge. There are celebrities who have argued that makeup can temporarily alter the nose but looking at Haylie’s changes there seems to be more than just makeup. The long nasal bridge looks like a permanent change and in fact those who do not appreciate the results of this procedure have cited this as the reason for her partly botched nose job.

Since oval shaped faces are associated with elegance, several celebrities have gone for a jaw line surgery to elongate their jaws and thus create an oval face. Haylie is believed to have reconstructed her jaw line. This procedure has refined not only her chin but her general facial appearance. Her long face and narrow ridged nose have given her a whole new appearance.

Surgery Results

The controversial Haylie Duf plastic surgery speculations have attracted various views from critics. There are those who consider the procedures unnecessary but others appreciate her new elegant look. Of her two procedures, the jaw line reconstruction bore better results. Her oval face looks better with her narrow facial features. Her nose job was partially botched; she got to reduce the wideness of her nose but failed to achieve a pinched tip. The result is a plumped tip which makes the bridge appear unnaturally long. Since actress has chosen to remain quiet regarding her procedures, you cannot tell whether or not she is satisfied with her current look. Although her choices of surgery were objective, it is unfortunate that she was not lucky enough to get the perfect results.