Hilary Duff Teeth

hilary duff teeth

Hilary Duff Teeth Before and After Pictures

Hilary Duff is a famous American singer and an actress. She entered the television industry with the series ‘Lizzie McGuire’. She was labeled as the teen idol with this show. She later made her singing debut with the album ‘Santa Claus Lane’. Her album ‘Metamorphosis’ was also a commercial success. Later, Duff also expanded her career into theatrical films with strong roles in different projects. ‘Agent Cody Banks’, ‘Cindrella Story’ and ‘Cheaper by the Dozen Series’ are great examples of such projects. She also appeared in many independent films like ‘According to Greta’, ‘Blood Worth’, ‘Devoted’, ‘Elixir’ etc. Her well-sculpted face is accentuated with flawless complexion and sharp features. But of late, there are various speculations about her smile.

The speculations

It is believed that Duff chipped her tooth on mike while performing energetically in one of her concerts. She then underwent emergency surgery to work out this issue. It is possible that she might have used veneers and not a single veneer for her chipped tooth, as it is pretty difficult to match the color of natural teeth with porcelain veneers.

Hilary Duff’s Teeth Before the Surgery

Earlier, Hilary had less than perfect smile. She had uneven teeth with a yellow tint which did not look appeasing at all. As a Disney star child, she never decided to get her teeth replaced, despite knowing the flaws in them. But after her tooth chipped, she decided to upgrade to a complete set of veneers.

Hillary Duff’s Teeth Post the Surgery

She now has a breathtaking smile. Her look, post the surgery, has completely altered. Her smile has never looked better. Post cosmetic dentistry, she has perfectly aligned and whiter teeth. Her new look absolutely suits her and she looks way younger than her actual age.

Duff’s Interview

Hilary has never said anything regarding her full set of veneers. However, she told the media people about her fiasco before wedding when she lost her tooth hours before saying ‘I do’. The actress told the people that her tooth fell into her hand when she bit hard into a bagel. She was mortified but everything went according to the plan and her day was saved by her wedding planner. Her wedding planner had a connection and Duff was able to get her tooth fixed before walking down the aisle. It can be an awful situation for a bride-to-be as she already has to worry about her makeup, dress and hair.


Using porcelain veneers has become a common practice these days. It is not only a new but also a highly advanced technique of getting natural – looking teeth. These teeth are placed using refractory method. Minimum work needs to be done in fixing these veneers. The process is also less painful than cosmetic dentistry. A person can usually not make out the difference between natural teeth and porcelain veneers. Much of the true structure of teeth is maintained in this procedure. We can hence safely conclude that Hilary Duff’s smile has never looked better. Porcelain veneers have tremendously helped her to maintain the girlish charm.