Holly Madison Plastic Surgery Pictures

Holly Madison Plastic Surgery Pictures

 Holly Madison Surgery Adventures

Behind the blonde and busty playboy model, Holly Madison, beats the heart of an insecure lady, who could not live with her fragile self esteem unless she sought to transform her overall appearance and proportionality. Very few celebrities can acknowledge that they have undergone plastic surgery procedures but this blonde American model has since revealed that she sought breast augmentation to enhance her proportionality.


There is every proof that her teats underwent a boobs job because they appear bigger than they were. Similarly, their appearance has shifted to D cup size from the initial A cup size. After the breast augmentation in January, however, she again saw the need of going more plastic, and her nose became the next target.

Holly Madison Plastic Surgery Pictures

She was asked the reason behind her subsequent rhinoplasty and she gave an answer that was least expected from a celebrity. It must have been an open show of a fragile self esteem because she said that her nose seemed bigger than she wanted whenever she was in front of a camera. She decided to fix the self-perceived ‘deformity’ and the results have indeed played in her favour. Her nose now appears better and narrower, and it complements her face.


Holly Madison is an intelligent plastic lady because she has never overdone her face. She was quick in running to her own defence, that her move was not necessarily to enhance beauty but rather an attempt to save her career. Indeed it gave her a new appearance and bolstered her confidence in front of camera, which is a plus for any model.


The model who has taken a series of nude photographs with several magazines is very comfortable with her surgical procedures and she even made it clear that she had insured her breasts at a cost of one million dollars. An exorbitant spending it may seem, but to her, it is an investment because it has earned her the career that she has always wanted to nurture. He beauty is now certain, and can be seen from evidence as little as the bump at her nose bridge which has now vanished completely.