Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery Before and After

Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery Before and After

It is now an open secret that most Hollywood celebrities have gone under the knife in the name of appearance enhancement. Some come out successful and look much younger and prettier than before while others… well, let us just say they would have better left their bodies as they were. One good example is Hunter Taylo.

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Born Deborah Jo Hunter in July 3, 1962, this actress is famous for her role in the popular soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful” where she plays the role of Dr. Taylor Hayes. She is also an author and a former model. Over the years she is rumored to have undergone so many plastic surgery procedures that some people say they can barely recognize her from her early 90s photos when she took up the role in the soap opera. Some of the procedures she is said to have undergone include:

First was the several breast augmentation procedures done on her boobs making them bigger and rounder. While these procedures were not too much of a disaster, her critics have argued that the new breasts look too big for her small body frame.

Then came the facial procedures and the real disaster started. Her face became tighter and her forehead wrinkle-free probably due to face-lift surgeries and facial filler injections. The problem with this is that her face looks unnaturally smooth for a woman her age. Moreover, the cheek implant procedure that she underwent made already bad things worse since her cheeks seem to have been injected with too much fillers making them look too plumped and asymmetrical. Her nose also seemed narrower thus pointing to another surgical procedure while the colored-eyed contacts she is rumored to be wearing also seem unnatural.

Finally, her lips seem to have been injected with massive proportions of fillers hence making them look too big for her face. Critics joked about her swollen lips while returning to the “Bold and Beautiful” in 2005 calling them “Fish Lips”.

In conclusion, Taylo’s situation can be viewed as a case of too many plastic surgeries without knowing when to stop. She would have rather left her already beautiful face to age gracefully. What do you think?