Jennifer Garner Lips Before and After Photos

jennifer garner lips before and after

Jennifer Garner Lip Augmentation and the New Look She Achieved

Jennifer Garner is an American actress born in April 1972. She gained public recognition on television after acting as a CIA agent in a drama series which aired on TV for five years. While most fans say that she is simply good to look at, there is speculation that she must have undergone a nose job and some lip injections when she was young.

jennifer garner lips before and after

Nose job

Her nose was narrowed down at the bridge, besides being refined at the tip. The results fit and complement the rest of her facial appearances, and it is hard to notice that she had a job done, unless you have a close comparison of her images before and after the surgery.

Lip augmentation

This a part of her body that most fans admire, and it is compared to that of Angelina Jolie. Lip augmentation made her lips a little fuller, earning her the wide smile that is admired today. At the beginning of her career, the lips were more thinner, especially the upper lip. It was brought down a little, reducing the amount of gums shown when she smiles.

It is hard to believe that this celebrity was not born with fuller lips, which indicates that the job was done perfectly well. Some people argue that Jennifer Garner used collagen injections on her lips but the rest insist that she applied some fillers to augment them. Plastic surgeons on the other hand believe that the plastic procedure done on her lips is a permanent one because there seems to be no fluctuation in their size. The permanent procedure is mostly responsible for the natural appearance and despite the diverse arguments, there is every proof that some work has been done on her lips.

When confronted with news of these rumours, she laughed it off and said jokingly that it was the result of her lip moisturiser, and that her lips are more expensive to maintain compared to the rest of her face. Despite this defense, the nose job is big enough for us to conclude that she has provided for a plastic surgeon at least once.