Jennifer Coolidge Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

jennifer coolidge plastic surgery

Jennifer Coolidge Plastic Surgery and New Look

When talking of an older actress who still looks as great as Jennifer Coolidge, plastic surgery often finds its way into the celebrity gossip. Born in 1963, this actress shot to fame in 2003 and she has remained in the public eye since then. At her middle age she does not seem to have aged a single day from the body that earned her popularity in the classic comedy in 2003.

jennifer coolidge plastic surgery

Botox injections

At 49, Jennifer Coolidge cannot convince the public that she has maintained her beauty using cosmetic products only. Her skin is remarkably smooth, with very few wrinkles on them. Botox injections and facial fillers are the two procedures associated with such an occurrence, but it is also rumoured that she had chemical peels to maintain a fresh and tight skin around the face.

Lip augmentation

Dr. Paul Nassif is on record saying that Jennifer Coolidge is a product of lip augmentation among other procedures. He argues that most of the works on this celebrity had a preservative effect and not necessarily to make her look younger. This could be an indication that the celebrity is satisfied with her looks, only that she wants it maintained for a considerable period. Nevertheless. The work on her lips made them a little wider and more obvious, which matches her face.

Breast implants

A greater proportion of actresses believe that boobs are an integral part of beauty. Of course they are, portraying the feminine nature and attractiveness. However, there are various sizes and shapes of breasts, and there is no universally accepted shape that is said to be perfect. Jennifer Coolidge is also one of the celebrities who went for breast implants to make them a little bigger, although what she had naturally was not any smaller. Nonetheless, they look bigger, well shaped and more attractive.

Just like the thousands of other celebrities, Jennifer Coolidge has never accepted that she went under the surgeon’s knife, neither has she gone public to defend herself against these rumours that have been in the public for so long. Without either of these, objective observations are more reliable because a plastic change can be noticed from afar.