Jennifer Grey Nose Job

Jennifer Grey Before And After the Nose Job

Jennifer Grey Nose Job Before and After Pic

Jennifer Grey Before And After the Nose Job

These are pictures of Jennifer Grey before and after plastic surgery. Surely many have seen the famous movie “Dirty Dancing.” It was a huge success. Eventually she decided to have surgery. It was a small touch, but it  left her unrecognizable. That’s why many of us have not seen her on the screen  anymore.  For the simple reason that, the public would not recognize her. I noticed detail in the pictures, and I think what she did was short just “shorten” a little nose. But with this “insignificant” gesture, changed hes destiny. Also “shortened” her career and her reputation. When I look at a picture of Jennifer Grey before surgery, I see clearly and without doubt a very unique face, well, not anymore.

The once known Baby has undergone several operations that have made her lose his expression and a more defined nose, cheekbones and stretching of the skin to prevent wrinkles. The new surgeries  have  not rejuvenated Jennifer’s face but worsen the situation, she has lost the natural look with which we loved on the big screen.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the premiere of “Dirty Dancing” is scheduled to shoot the remake but for now, the deal is a mystery. What actors would you like to see dancing one of the most famous movie? Will someone be able to overcome Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze? Soon we will know.