Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery

jennifer gray plastic surgery

Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Jennifer Gray is one of the sexiest celebrities in Hollywood. She has a huge fan following who has crush on her pretty baby face, sensual lips and nice flawless skin. But all that shine are not gold, similarly all those perfect skins may have some plastic editing. Jennifer is also speculated of going under the knife several times to gift her skin with the bliss of flawless beauty and sensuality. Here we will try to unfold the mysteries and give you an insight of the things in detail. Be with us to know about the much discussed Jennifer Gray plastic surgery.

Gray’s claim to fame

Jennifer Gray is a well known American actress famously known for her roles in the 1980’s films-“Dirty Dancing” and “Bueller’s Day Off”. She also bagged a position in the Golden Globe Nominations. Recently in 2010, she once again came under the spotlight via winning the 11th season of successful reality celebrity Dancing show, “Dancing with the Stars”. But what most stirred the buzz, is her suspected cases of nose job and other plastic makeovers.

Gray before and after

There are enough speculations about her nose job in the glamour town. Her probable nose job transformed her into a completely different person via changing her overall facial appearance. By going through her available before and after pictures in the social media, one can easily spot an astonishing difference between her new and earlier avatars which is too loud to bear.

Suspected Nose corrections

The nose was one of the defining facial features in Gray’s physiological appearance (like Juila Roberts Lips, Cindy Crawford’s mole). Many think, she wasted her fair share of time under the knife to get her nose bump removed, but the consequences of the outcome was horrible. Gray latter admitted that she was not happy with the results and it was unexpected on her part.

Possibilities of Lip correction

Grays lips now look even fuller and pouty compared to what they used to look like before. There are rumors regarding her taking lip injections to make the lips look plumper and appealing. But there was no comment from her side on this buzzing rumor.

Other suspected treatments

She now looks a degree younger than before with negligible wrinkles and line over her face and under eyes. Might be there is a contribution of facelift and Botox treatments, but all are still rumors and no concrete evidence of the same has been published anywhere.

Consequences of suspected plastic makeovers

Her new avatar didn’t stop Gray from grabbing the winning trophy in the finale of “Dancing with the stars”, but it might have taken a troll over her movie roles. She definitely looks better than before but the major problem is she does not look like her any more.

Gray’s reactions

She was quoted uttering that she went into the operation theater as a known actress but when she left, she was anonymous. Well, it is sad enough!

“Jennifer Gray is a good example of how nose job can dramatically alter one’s appearance i, “says Dr. Youn. “The removal of the bump on Gray’s nose made her look very different from the “Baby” character she played in “Dirty Dancing”.