Jennifer Westfeldt Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

jennifer westfeldt plastic surgery

Jennifer Westfeldt Plastic Surgery and New Look

In her forties, Jennifer is another celebrities believed to be sailing in the world of cosmetic surgery. The actress looks good even in her forties. This is what has led to the cosmetic surgery speculations. In Hollywood, women have often been stereotyped as plastic surgery lovers such that it has become hard to distinguish natural body changes from artificial changes.

jennifer westfeldt plastic surgery

Jennifer’s Botox Injections

There has been an ongoing joke about Jennifer’s resemblance to chipmunks. The joke has been trending on the social media for quite some time now with her face being equated to that of a chipmunk. As mean as the joke might sound, a closer look at her recent photos will make you understand where the originator of the joke came from.

It is speculated that this pretty faced actress has been using Botox injections to wipe away wrinkles. Botox injections are common for women of her age but the problem with her case lies in the fact that she might have used too much Botox. Botox addiction gives the impression of stuffed and swollen cheeks. This must have given birth to her chipmunk joke.

Speculations or Truth?

Those who are against the speculations claim that the look is common for women of her age. There are others who believe that it is a combination of aging and diet that has resulted in the puffiness around the check area. A comparison of her younger photos suggests that the puffed cheeks is a case of genes. Some of her photos show young Jennifer with quite protruding cheeks.

Jennifer Westfeldt plastic surgery is another controversial claim that remains unconfirmed. She has not confirmed any of these accusations and neither has her husband. John Hamm seems to be in love with his wife’s look and that seems to be all that matters to pretty Jennifer. Luckily for Jennifer these unconfirmed speculations have not had any serious implications on her career. Her fans have separated her private life from her career and she is doing great in the acting field. Too much Botox may have irreversible effect; this is what Jennifer should put in mind in case the surgery allegations are true.