Jessica Biel Nose Job

Jessica Biel Nose Job

Jessica Biel Nose Job – Before and After Pictures

Jessica Biel has always been hailed as a natural beauty. In fact that is her main appeal. Her honey toned skin, soft hazel eyes and luscious long thick chestnut hair has been the envy of many a girl and the crush of many a guy. Not to mention her great body and physique. Looking at her sculptured face lately one has to ask if Jessica has succumbed to all that is vain and gone under the knife? Her nose is definitely looking slimmer. The pressure in Hollywood as everyone knows, is tremendous. Jawlines get tighter, skins get firmer and noses are probably one of the first things a movie-star will look at changing.

Jessica Biel Nose Job

Jessica and Justin’s Perfect Coupling

Jessica has starred in many memorable movies, which include, “Beauty and the Beast”, the highly acclaimed “London” and “Powder Blue” to mention a few. She seems to drift into comedy as easily as she does thrillers and drama. The lovely Biel is currently married to Justin Timberlake and the couple seem enchanted by one another and it is hardly surprising. They have both been blessed with matching sex appeal and good looks. Jessica confided that Justin is a fantastic gift giver and spoils her rotten. Normally with ‘sparkly’ things, she grinned.

Jessica Admits She is Vain

In one interview she was asked about her thoughts on plastic surgery, Biel admitted that she is vain and said she was terrified of ageing and losing her looks. She then added that she was too scared to go under the knife and therefore would probably opt out. This is heady stuff for a 32 year old. Imagine how the heat will be on when she hits 40 or even 50. That goes with the profession though, as most stars will admit.

Daily Gourmet Food Helps Jessica Stay Trim

She keeps her body super trim by having her meals delivered to her daily. This is all in a bid to keep the svelte sexy body that earned her fame in the first place. Paleta, a top food delivery company, delivers her gourmet styled meals every day. That includes snacks and treats! The menu highlights are items such as couscous, tofu, sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese. This makes sure her meals are very tasty and health conscious too. If all women could have their food delivered in this type of style, there would probably be no overweight women!

Her Nose Change is So Subtle it Keeps One Guessing

If Jessica did have a nose job, it must have been a great surgeon. The change is so subtle that you have to look a few times to see the difference. Yet, the difference has really added to her appeal. Some surgeons agree that her lips look fuller and have more volume than when she first started out. This can be achieved with restylane injections and is popular amongst the general population never mind just beautiful movie stars.

When Biel first started out her nose did look a little bulbous at the tip. Today, it appears more slim lined and narrow at the end. This gives her already beautiful face a streamlined sculptured beauty as opposed to the girl-next-door type of beauty. Whoever this surgeon is, he or she is certainly very skilled at his job. The change is so subtle yet so stunning. Many say that some of the photographs of the so-called ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots are just her age. Commenting that many people sort of grow into their noses and they often change with age and of course, make-up. If this is the case, many people probably cannot wait to ‘grow into their noses!’. This type of guesswork shows that if any changes were made they were subtle enough to keep everyone guessing. In this case many could be asking for the Jessica Biel Nose Job!