Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery

jessica simpson plastic surgery

Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Jessica Simpson the popular American songwriter and singer who has achieved a successful run in Hollywood as an actress. She can be considered today as a household name for her appearances on commercials, television shows and movies. We all remember the pivotal role she played on MTVs reality show Newlyweds. Despite launching several outstanding product lines such as women handbags, fragrances, shoes, hair and beauty products, Jessica is a well renowned fashion designer too.

Plastic Surgery speculations

Recently Simpsons 33, she seems to have shed off over 60 pounds. Plastic surgeons featuring in leading magazines accuse her of undergoing the surgical procedure. Her change has been phenomenal notably with her smaller nose. There is speculation that she underwent Botox injections on her upper eye lid to give her a younger appearance. The ripples under her chin could be as a result of botched Botox procedure, a claim she denies. Her fluctuating breast size add onto the talk of a possible breast adjustment. She went through a tough period of fitness and dieting while trying to shed off the extra weight accumulated from her two babies, Maxwell and Ace. Ever since she attained her target weight she’s now back in sexy attire.

Jessica Simpsons Plastic Surgery Adventures


If we were to go by expert speculations then she might have parted with $16,000 for a complete makeover. On checking out the shadow lines below her nose, it’s highly possible she underwent a nose job. As to whether undergoing the $4500 procedure was worth it, I guess it remains subject to debate. She narrowed her previously wide nose. Other reviewers claim that she seems to have done a lip filer. Leg Liposuction

The celebrity’s toned legs, thighs and calves are an indication of a possible adventure with liposuction. Those who disagree consider the whole liposuction argument as baseless and unfounded. They argue that her legs showcase her muscles which can be attributed to her gym workout sessions. Prior to her grand wedding, it was rumored that she conducted fat-freezing procedures add onto her workouts.

Breast Augmentation

It’s also rumored that she underwent a breast uplift to achieve her copious upper body proportions. She was once quoted saying, “If my boobs ended up hanging round my waist, then I’d definitely get them pulled up.”

Her Reaction to The rumors

Jessica instead has chosen to ignore the rumors. Her friends vouch that it was sheer determination and hard work that were responsible for her new looks. The insider goes further to say that her desire is to look a decade younger and fight off her insecurities. There was some speculation that at some point she went for Botox for her shiny face. She publicly trashed those rumors. Later on she only admitted on having undergone a lip fill which involves protein injections. Jessica and her sister have both undergone rhinoplasty.

Surgery Results

It seems that the celebrity entrepreneur won’t stop until she gets the perfect body frame and appearance. Overly, Simpson is satisfied with her new look though admits that not everything went perfectly. With all the fame and glamour from her rising exploit, she will always feel the urge to look pretty.