Jimmy Fallon Plastic Surgery

Jimmy Fallon Plastic Surgery

Jimmy Fallon Before and After

He was born as James Thomas Falon on the 19th of September 1974 in Roy Ridge, Brooklyn. However, he was raised at a different place: Saugerties in New York. He is a television host, producer, actor, comedian, musician and writer. His is famous for his television works including being featured in the Saturday Night Live as a member of the cast and for hosting his own talk show. He is the son to James and Gloria Fallon. He comes from a family of two with a sister Gloria. The two were brought up in what the actor would like to describe as an idyllic childhood. His overprotective parents never let them play outside their compound. He was once an altar boy, an experience that almost led him to become a priest but his passion for comedy took over. He is of a German, Irish and Norwegian ancestry.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

When it comes to Jimmy Fallon and plastic surgery, the first thing that comes to mind is how he slammed Bruce Jenner’s procedures prompting the motivational speaker and former athlete to face him and put an end to it. Jimmy made mean jokes about Bruce which ended with an apology to Bruce. As fate would have it, his name has been added to the cosmetic surgery list. The star comedian is speculated to be using surgery to retain his youthful looks. As a television personality, it is natural for him to be worried about his looks and do everything in his power to retain them. Although he has not said anything regarding the trending speculations, the handsome Jimmy is surely under ever one’s microscope especially after he slammed Bruce. Luckily for him, the procedure he is rumored to have does not show readily and he may get away with a denying.

Botox Procedure

Jimmy is among the celebrities who are not addicted to cosmetic procedures. Throughout his career, he has maintained his natural looks. In fact, he almost looks the same as he did a few years back. This is enough to rouse suspicion that he might be on Botox. Botox is injected under the skin in very small units. As much as some celebrities have created the notion that it is a dangerous procedure by over engaging in it, others like Jimmy have shown it good side. It appears like he only uses it enough to retain his youthful looks.

Surgery Results

Most of the times, celebrities who do not get over ambitious with surgery register successful results. Judging from his “clean “past, it is clear that Jimmy does not engage in surgery just for the sake of it. His objective was to reverse the aging process which he successfully did. He is ever refreshed and the best part is that he still has his natural appearance. At the age of 41, he is bound to use the procedure again in the near future unless he decides to welcome wrinkles. When this day comes, you can only hope that the will apply the same moderation.