John Stamos Plastic Surgery

John Stamos Plastic Surgery

John Stamos Before and After Photos

He was born as John Philip Stamos on the 19th of August 1963 in Cypress California in the United States. He is an American musician and actor famous for portraying different role in television movies and series. His prominence rose with his portrayal of Jesse Katsopolis in Full House. Other famous television works he has been featured in include Bye Bye Birdie and Necessary Roughness among many others. He comes from a family of three. He is the oldest and only boy in the family. His two sisters Alaina and Jannen work as teachers. He is the son to Bill and Loreta Stamos. His father is a restaurateur while his mother was once a swimsuit model. He inherited a Greek descent from his father’s side and an English and Irish descent from his mother’s side. He is also known as the national face of Project Cuddle.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

When celebrities are followed with cosmetic surgery speculations, it is either they look to good for their age or they have transformed in an unnatural way. For Stamos, both are the case. The 52 year old star has been spotted with his ever young appearance with very minimal traces of wrinkles. His case is quite absurd since he has openly stated that he is anti-cosmetic surgery. He has been quoted saying that he does not look forward to looking like celebrities who are aging but insists on staying young through the use of plastic surgery. This is a common game in Hollywood: celebrities say one thing publicly and do the opposite in private.

Facelift, Botox and Nose job

The star actor is being followed by claims that he has gone for a facelift to get rid of the usual signs of aging that would have already shown on his face. As a fifty two year old, it is expected that he should be showing some signs already. Amazingly, the wrinkles on his face are barely visible prompting critics to assume that he has had this facial procedure.

All over the world, there are people who are blessed with good genes and thus age gracefully, being a celebrity does not mean that you do not have these genes. However, when you look at the likes of Stamos, their graceful aging is a bit exaggerated. Naturally, this leads to the speculations that he might have used their anti-aging tools at his disposal. It is also argued that he has engaged in Botox injection.

The nose job rumor is based on the fact that there appears to be a slight alteration in the shape of his nose. His current nose is slender and more elegant.

Surgery Results

While Stamos insists that he is not the type to engage in cosmetic procedures, most of his fans rate his alleged surgeries among the most successful in the industry. He is obviously very careful with the procedures if at all he is engaging in them. He has preserved his handsome looks and at the same time ensured that his skin remains rejuvenated.