With Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Before and After Pics

With Kat Von D Plastic Surgery Before and After Pics

Kat Von D From Geeky Girl to Tatoo Queen With Upgraded Nose

Kat Von D plastic surgery speculations range from her nose, which is thinner and more pinched than it used to be, to her breasts, much larger, and even her eyebrows betraying signs of a facelift. But are they true? Let’s take a look!
Unlike with other unconfirmed, in denial celebrities who undergo the knife with great success, many plastic surgeons have felt confident enough to comment, saying that they believe Kat Von D has indeed gotten some work done. There’s no doubt it was done well – the results look soft and natural, but there’s also no denying that they’re anything but natural.

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Her breasts have definitely gotten larger and have been shaped. And her nose has gone from a slightly broader, more rounded, natural nose to a thinner, more pointed nose – the more fashionable nose of the season, one might say, as so many celebrities are opting for very similar “styles”.
And while some people may try to attribute her nose and breasts to aging, that’s simply not the case. If anything, noses typically get bigger as a person ages, not smaller, and please, please tell me the secret to get my breasts larger and perkier with age. In fact, I think I know a lot of women who’d be interested in that little secret, as so many of us tend to have droopy, flat breasts to look forward to as we age.
Something many have been wondering is why, when plastic surgery is actually done well, with such great, beautiful results, celebrities like Kat Von D still deny having it done. Her plastic surgery hasn’t been a nightmare, she didn’t go too far with it, there aren’t tons of little mistakes here and there – she looks fabulous. And she definitely looks happier with herself. So why deny it?
Though she hasn’t given us too much outright denial, she has been very quiet about whether or not she’s had any work done. But one only needs to pull up before and after photos of her to see that there have definitely been changes to her face and bust line that don’t quite click with aging.