Kathryn Morris Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

kathryn morris plastic surgery

Kathryn Morris Plastic Surgery and New Look

Kathryn Morris plastic surgery is yet another case of plastic surgery against aging. The forty three year old actress is rumored to have had a number of surgeries to wipe away any traces of aging. Her appearances were put under the microscope once she suddenly tuned into this young sassy actress in her forties. It is almost impossible not to notice the sudden changes in her face and lips. Rumors about her alleged surgery have been circulating all over the internet eliciting mixed reactions from her fans.

kathryn morris plastic surgery

How Many Surgeries

When it comes to determining the number of surgeries a celebrity has had, we are reduced to opinion and observation especially in such cases where the celebrity denies these quite obvious allegations. Kathryn Morris has had three surgeries common to woman of her age. Facelift, Botox and facial fillers injections are among the surgeries she has had.

You have to take a good look at her image in the Cold Star television series and compare it to the movies she has been featured in earlier. The difference is un cunning. You will notice a woman who has not aged but similarly the changes on her face and lips are evident. In her later years, her lips look fuller and a bit disproportionate. Additionally, her Botox lined fore head is very visible. Neither wrinkles nor fine lines are visible, just a smooth shinny skin surface. The tight glossy skin that covers the surface of her face is alluded to face lifting. Furthermore, upon comparison of her before and after photos, you will notice that she has lost some fats in her face.

Rumors or Truth?

To her credit, some changes on her face can be explained as growth changes but the reverse growth changes are definitely not normal. Rumors about her surgeries remain mere speculations as Kathryn Morris denies having had them. The CBS network defends her lips under the claim that that it is a new lipstick! There is no doubt that the changes on Kathryn Morris face are not natural and the lipstick explanation is not going to do it. This is 2013 and it is surely getting easier to differentiate plastic and natural.