Katie Cassidy Plastic Surgery

katie cassidy plastic surgery

Katie Cassidy Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Katie Cassidy, daughter of David Cassidy is a 29 year old actress from Los Angeles who is famous for her roles in movies like Taken, A Nightmare on Elm Street and in TV series like Supernatural and Gossip Girl. Her professional career began in 2003 and she has been remarkable ever since. Her most recent TV series is ‘Arrow’ where she is playing the role of Laurel Lance. Her appearance in the second season of the series has surprised the fans who think that probably a plastic surgery is the secret behind her stunning improved new look.

Did Katie Cassidy undergo a plastic surgery?

The truth of the plastic surgery rumor is still unknown but many fans have observed that her face looks longer and her cheeks look fuller in the second season of ‘Arrow’. There have also been speculations of a chin and nose job. Since her body seems to remain the same, most fans think that the reason behind the slimmer face may be because she has gone under the knife. However, some of her fans have come out to defend her who feel that she is too young to undergo a plastic surgery. They feel that there is absolutely no reason for plastic surgery because the actress is naturally beautiful.

Suspected plastic procedures

Nose job: There are some changes between her current facial appearances and her previous one- her nose looks slimmer and sharper than the one before. There are rumors of a possible rhinoplasty. If a nose job was really done then it was flawless as her nose looks even more beautiful now.

Chin implants- The procedure which is rumored to have given a remarkable change to her looks is chin implants. According to critics, there is a drastic change in her face as a result of this procedure. Her face looks longer and skinnier than usual.

Jaw surgery: There is also a difference in the shape of her jaw. Her jaw looks longer than it used to be previously. Rumors suggest that this might be the result of a possible jaw surgery.

Surgery results

We cannot be yet sure of the fact as to whether Katie Cassidy has really undergone a plastic surgery or not, but there is no doubt that she looks absolutely stunning in the second season of ‘Arrow’. Her longer face, fuller cheeks and sharper nose makes the young 29 year old actress look remarkable. So, if the rumor about her plastic surgery proves right, then we must agree that the surgery has been executed seamlessly.

What people say?

Katie herself has decided not to comment on the subject, however people have got mixed reactions on this subject. Many fans think that the slimmer face is actually due to the fact that she has lost some weight, however many others argue that the shape of her body is the same as before. So, there are high chances of a probable surgery. This is a very debatable topic in itself and the truth cannot be revealed unless Katie herself decides to comment on this topic.