Katie Holmes Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

katie holmes plastic surgery

Katie Holmes Plastic Surgery and New Look

Her beauty is exceptional. Since her young days, Katie Holmes has been known for her pretty face. Speculations about her surgery first hit the celebrity gossip columns when there was a noticeable difference in the shape and size of her nose.

katie holmes plastic surgery

What Surgeries Has She Had?

It is rumored that she has had a rhinoplasty and breast implants. Seemingly, nobody else is interested in a natural appearance. Katie Holmes is among the celebrities that are so absorbed in their quest for beauty to no longer care whether or not they should have a surgery. Katie Holmes plastic surgery was uncalled for. As much as her before photos reveal a relatively wide nose with a rounded tip, the breathtakingly beautiful actress looked good back then.

The results of her surgery were amazing for her nose. Her surgeon was able to get rid of the wide round ended nose and replaced it with a narrow, elegant, sharp tipped nose. Her new nose is without any doubt elegant but it makes one question the objectivity of this surgery. Plastic surgeries are meant to make someone look young. However, Katie Holmes’ rhinoplasty wiped away her young pretty looks paving way for a more mature look. We just hope that she will not regret her decision to hasten aging.

Holmes has been further accused of possible breast implants. Unlike the rhinoplasty which is evidently visible upon comparison of her before and after photos, there has been little evidence to confirm the breast implant speculations. If she really had implants, she must have had it done so well in a manner that conceals any possible pointers.

Was The Surgery Worth It?

The effectiveness of Katie Holmes plastic surgery is greatly dependent on your own perspective of beauty. There is no doubt that she looks good before and after her surgery. However, there are those who believe that she looked better with her young face that was wiped away with the surgery while there are others who believe in the opposite. The fact that the surgery did not distort her general appearance for the worst is reason enough to say that her plastic surgery was a success.