Katty Kay Plastic Surgery

Katty Kay Plastic Surgery

Katty Kay Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

She was born as Katherine “Katty” Kay on the 14th of November 1964. She is an English journalist who previously worked as a correspondent for the BBC new Washington. She has also worked as a blogger for the Slant/True. Her father worked as a British diplomat and this resulted to her spending her childhood in different countries in the Middle East. She majored in Modern Languages at the University of Oxford. Aside from English, she is fluent on Italian and French. After she graduated, she worked at the bank but quit the job since she did not see this as her passion. She went to Zimbabwe to work for an aid agency and this is where she first ventured into journalism.

Cosmetic Surgery or Good Genes

Katty is like most successful women, pretty and defying time. As a celebrity, you understand the need to always look pretty. This may be the reason why she may have turned to cosmetic surgery. According to Dr. Tina Alster, the pretty faced journalist has definitely done something to her face. The accredited surgeon argues that Katy has had Botox, Eyelift and fillers near her mouth. Although the journalist has remained quiet over the trending speculations there is something about her face that is not natural. She was not so lucky to have subtle procedures.

Botox and Facelift

It has been argued that her rejuvenated skin is not natural but artificial. The trending speculations were fuelled by this fact. Additionally, it seems like she overstretched her skin’s limit and the procedures are turning on her. If she is not careful, she will lose what is left of her natural beauty to them. As much as these procedures are quick fix for the signs of aging, they do not work forever and there is need to redo them. The problem comes when users get addicted to them and use them against manufacturer’s instructions.

Eyelift and Fillers

The area around the eye readily give away a person’s age. Sagging skin and wrinkles are the target for eyelifts. If you look at her after pictures, you will notice that her eyebrows are raised, tightening the skin around her eyes. This has gotten rid of eye bags opening her eyes wider. She not only looks younger but she is much prettier. Her full cheek also suggest the possibility of facial fillers. Juverderm and restylene are the most common type of fillers used. However, according to Dr. Tina, the journalist has had hyaluronic acid fillers injected to the side of her mouth. Fillers ta the side of the mouth smooth out laugh lines.

Surgery Results

As much as she looks young for her age, she has lost some of her natural beauty. This is associated with the fact that she may have had the said procedures more than once. However, she is not at the worst state and she can gradually bring her natural back if she stays away from surgery for a considerable amount of time.