Keith Urban Plastic Surgery

Keith Urban Plastic Surgery

Keith Urban Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

He was born on the 26th of October 1967 in Whangarel New Zealand. He is a guitarist, entrepreneur, country music singer and the judge of a music competition. He is the son to Robert “bob” and Marienne Urban. His father was the owner of a convenience store and found him a guitarist teacher by putting an advertisement on his window. Sue McCathy was his teacher and later became a family friend. He begun entering into local competitions and acting at local theatres at a very tender age. 1991 was his greatest year, he released his self-titled album which charted in Australia. He started the Ranch band which was known for releasing hit songs including one which charted on the Billboards Hot Country Songs.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

The country music sensation has been on the radar for quite some time now. Rumor has it that the Australian hunk has gone under the knife. The 48 year old is looking refreshed sparking claims that he has engaged in anti-aging procedures. The world is getting used to celebrities going for anti-aging procedures even before wrinkles start to show. Aside from the anti-aging procedures, it is also rumored that he has done something to his teeth. In his before and after photos trending all over social media sites, you can easily spot the difference in his teeth. It is yet to be ascertained that he had them fixed through surgery but the difference clearly suits him.

Facelift and Botox

Facelifts have become the most popular procedure among middle aged celebrities. They reverse the toll of time and bring back a youthful and radiant look in an instant. Due to their non-invasive nature, it is hard to know who did unless it goes wrong. It is speculated that Keith had the wrinkles smoothed off his face through this procedure. Although he chooses to remain quiet over the trending speculations, there is something about his face that is no longer natural.

Allegedly he did not only stop at a facelift but also went ahead to have Botox administered. Botox works pretty much the same way as a facelift except that it is administered through an injection. The two procedures complement each other rejuvenating ones skin within minutes. He is obviously careful with these procedures since his natural looks have not been tampered with.

It is also believed that he has done something to correct the alignment of his teeth. Although the difference in the alignment is very clear, it is not clear whether or not it was achieved via surgery.

Surgery Results

It is natural for people to change as they age, however, when the changes seem a bit unnatural, plastic surgery becomes the first suspect. His current appearance has elicited mixed reactions from fans and critics. While he looks young for his age, there are some who think that he has an unnatural appearance. He is a celebrity in every sense of the word and there is no doubt that he needs to work on his appearance to hold onto his fame.