Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery

lana del rey plastic surgery

Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

There is no denying that Lana del Rey is a perfect combination of beauty with a hint of cuteness and cosmetic surgery has long been critically acknowledged as an obvious part of her celebrity image management. She may deny it, but the pictures speak volumes. In Lana Del Ray, her cute face suddenly changed into a sultry vixen and her sudden success in the music career is suspicious at best with a hint of surgical augmentation.

Lana and Lizzy, the before and after

You can still spot a music video over internet on which a young lady is signing her heart out in a New York music show called “The Variety Box”. The lady was Lizzy Grant. But her success story was not like any other struggling singer (Bob Dylan or Lady GaGa). Her one and only album sank virtually without trace. Now cut to Lana Del Rey, a 25 years old sexy seductive actress, and current sensation in US music industry. Her album “Born to Die” was lavishly choreographed and directed and is now a huge hit. Partially, the credit also goes to her half naked perfectly toned body as well that she flaunted in the album with much grace.

Obviously, Grant and Rey are same person, but when you look carefully at two of her pictures, you can spot many astonishing facial differences.

Lana’s critics and their claim of plastic surgery

Recently Lana is once again breaking the internet, now this time not by her sexy game video but by the rumors of Lana del Rey plastic surgical procedures. Numerous fans who are blind followers of this sexy star are debating about her unnatural looks and transformation and are raising fingers towards the possible cases of plastic surgery. Changes are mostly observed in her lips and nose by the suspicious onlookers.

Suspected sign of lip job

Her lips now look much fuller and plumped up compared to what they were before. Those sexy, juicy pouted lips may have resulted from cosmetic filler reactions.  This is what most of her fans and critics think.

That suspicious stout nose

Lana del Rey’s nose is another symbol of blooming rumors. Her nose now seems a degree slender and more defined. A few critics wonder that if such a steep transformation is achieved through a Rhinoplasty surgery.

Lana’s zipped reaction

When Lana Del Rey was enquired about her flying plastic surgery rumors, she preferred to stay mum. So, from her side there was not a single node of acceptance about the surgeries and all rumors and speculations haven’t found any ground base of truth.

Celebrity life and their inclination towards surgery, fillers and augmentations is common  but as long as there is no assurance from the celebrity corner, one can never ever confirm those plastic rumors. All we can do is to take note and of course comment :).