Lee Grant Plastic Surgery

Lee Grant plastic surgery

Lee Grant Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born as Lyora Haskell rosenthal on the 31st of October 1927. She was the daughter to Witia and Abraham W. Rosenthal. Her father was an educator and realtor while her mother was a teacher and an actress. She is a veteran stage, television and film actress. She has won numerous awards throughout her acting career. Her first best actress award was in 1952 when she played the role of a shoplifter in the Detective Story. She was also nominated for Emmy awards seven times and won two times. Between the years 1952 to 1964, she was banned from television, film and radio but she maintained her theatre performances though sporadically.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

The actress has always been open about her engagement with cosmetic surgery procedures. In her autobiography titled “I Said Yes to Everything”, she speaks about her engagement with cosmetic surgery and how her fear of old age made her go for facelift after facelift. She is open about her procedures unlike most celebrities who claim not to have had any when their faces speak otherwise. Her experience sheds light on the life of a celebrity. The fear of old age among celebrities is real and the actress does a good job in shedding light on this. However, it seems like the actress’ only motivation wasn’t her fear of aging, even in her young years, she had already started consulting these procedures.

Facelifts and Cheeck Implants

Facelifts are non invasive facial procedures which apply skin lifting technology to get rid of wrinkles. When done in moderation, they are the perfect way to look younger in an instant. However, too much of it has proved to be dangerous as it is the case with Lee Grant. She has hinted that she focused on her fear of old age so much that it was the center of her life. The repeated facelifts she had to conceal wrinkles has had a negative effect on her appearance.

She also had her cheek implanted with fillers to prevent them from sagging. The problem with Lee Grant procedures lies in the fact that she had some of these done over and over again killing the beauty of it all. Too much filler have made her face stuffy and unnatural. As much as her cheeks are not sagging, one look at her is enough to tell you that she is no longer a natural.

Surgery Results

In her autobiography, she has explained how she always wanted to look young and unfortunately too much surgery has taken that away from her. According to her birth date, she is 87 years old but this age is still refuted by others claiming that she must be few years older. She thanks her God that she did not live during the internet era since she would have been exposed. Even after her age has been disclosed, she still refuses to say it during interviews. She really is scared of old age and sadly, what she has been avoiding all her life she can’t avoid anymore.