Linda Evans Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

linda evans plastic surgery

Linda Evans Nose Job and New Look

Why Did She Have Plastic Surgery?

Linda Evans is one of those celebrities who make you question the essence of plastic surgery. Could it be that she lacked objectivity whenever she has a surgery done on her or could it be that she chooses the worst kind of surgeons? During her 1980 dynasty days, she was young and pretty, naturally time is taking its toll on her, a thing she evidently detests. It is frustrating to look at her face since she has over done the surgeries.

How Many Surgeries?

Linda Evans has repeatedly had several surgeries. It is like she is using everything in her power to fight old age. The now old American actress has had nose jobs, facelifts, lip augmentations and eyelid surgeries. Please notice the deliberate plurals since this seventy year old actress has had each of the above surgeries more than once.

She has had rhinoplasty performed on her more than once. The initial procedure gave her a much refined and elegant nose. However, her repeated rhinoplasties have resulted in a painfully swollen nose appearance.

In an effort to prevent her cheeks from sagging, she has repeatedly had dermal injections that have left her cheeks excessively full. Her cheeks look red and swollen. The eyelid surgeries have left her eyes excessively pulled and out of place.

She has undergone a facelift more than once. The face lifts have had too much effect on her skin. The wrinkles are long gone but she looks far from natural. Her facial skin appears frozen, too tight and unnatural. The stuffed look on her face confirms to you that she is far removed from reality.

What Do Her Fans Say About Her Surgery?

Linda Evans plastic surgery is a case of surgery gone bad. Maybe it would not have been so bad had she not overdone them. As much as she acts like she is immune to her fans criticisms, she should face reality and seek corrective surgeries. Should do this for her own sake and not because of what her fans are saying. Surgery experts like Dr. David Shaffer and Dr. Paul S, Nassif have noticed these cosmetic flaws and have urged her to seek corrective surgeries.