Linda Kozlowski Plastic Surgery

Linda Kozlowski Plastic Surgery

Linda Kozlowski before and After Photos

It was back in the day, meaning the 80’s when Linda Kozlowski was at the height of her heyday. She was Mrs. Paul Hogan, and Paul Hogan was Mr. Crocodile Dundee, croc hunting extraordinaire. Those who still keep tabs on her career have noticed and made a few remarks within the concerns of a consistently changing face. That natural beauty that she was once was world renownedand it has dissipated to the wayside and in its place, the look of Linda Kozlowski plastic surgery. Lets take a look into the story and all of the available information which has been let out to the public.

What it simply appears to be and lets just put it in a nutshell, the actress looks to have employed maybe a little too much of the cosmetic procedure thing. This 64 year old actress though, whom met her husband on the set of the “Dundee” films, has somehow kept her self in the limelight over the years, even after the divorce from Hogan, which had occurred so many years ago.

Surgeon Speak

Her plastic surgery record is plenty, her success record is few. There have been a number of plastic surgeons who have come out of the woodwork who have discussed the efforts taken on Kozlowski. They have stated that her luck just simply hasn’t been too great in terms of that field. Those semi-botched attempts include a Rhinoplasty, Brow lifts and Eyelid Surgery.

The work had taken a toll on the actress and what it looks like is that some if not all of it will be pretty tough to reverse. The Rhinoplasty was done in a fair-to-midland fashion, nothing too outlandish or poorly done. It has a bit of a stretched appearance though, the nostrils are kind of pulled off to the side, looking for more of a solid and fuller approach that was a slight miss hit.

Cavewoman Chic?

The Browlift was done rather on the poor side of things, it had the brows so low, to where it was bordering on giving her that classic caveman look. The effort really appears as if there were good intentions to allow it at least a chance at a little greatness but somewhere along the second half of the procedure, it went to the wastelands.

Eyelid Surgery can either be a hit or a miss at all times and with Kozlowski you may have guessed it, not exactly to well. The EX-Miss Dundee found the rougher end of the surgeons knife and it didn’t really seem as if there was ever going to be anything done right for her. The lashes looked kind of missed placed as well, something had happened somewhere along the lines that regenerated the base look within the lash area.

Plastic Surgery Fail

Linda Kozlowski plastic surgery for some to have that type of work done upon them, would be way too hard to bare. Then there are some out there who would do just about anything to even have what she had done. So, where does it stand? Semi-Lousy, in all directions? for which the word could be directed upon. She will have to do quite a bit to find the ruins of what was left behind of her natural face and at 64…the clocks ticking.