Madeleine Stowe Plastic Surgery

Madeleine Stowe Plastic Surgery, before and after

Stowe plastic surgery before and after – can you spot the differences?
Neither could we.
At 55, Madeleine Stowe still looks great, and not a day over 30. She is an example of plastic sugery gone great. She has used it not to change how she looks or how people perceive her, but to maintain the natural beauty that she already had.
A Miami-based plastic surgeon has said that she has had several different procedures to maintain her naturally good looks including augmentating her lips to keep them plump, botox to smooth her wrinkles, and blepharoplasty to help tighten her slackening skin.

Madeleine Stowe
Fans have not criticized her for her decision to keep her looks up with plastic surgery procedures due to two things:
One, she hasn’t kept it a secret. Though she doesn’t talk about plastic surgery, she also does not deny it or have her “people” deny it for her. It’s a mistake most celebrities make. They deny the procedures they’ve had, which only leads to fans being disappointed in them and trying harder to find the true, bringing even more attention to the fact that they may or may not have had work done.
Two, she hasn’t done anything over the top or drastic. She has simply maintained the good looks she already had. Most times when a celebrity having plastic surgery makes the news, it’s because they’ve either changed so much they look like a completely different person, or their procedures have gone horribly wrong. (Think of Tara Reid’s disastrous boob job – that made headlines for weeks!)
Not only has Madeleine Stowe made a smart decision with what procedures she’s had done, she chose a competent surgeon and didn’t keep it a secret from her fans. She, in stead, has aged graciously, keeping herself up and not trying to compete with women half her age. She has learned the secret to balancing what she wants with keeping fans happy. There are many celebs out there that could benefit from following in her footsteps.
So what do you think? Do you think that she’s using plastic surgery the right way, or do you think she should leave it alone?