Mark McGrath Plastic Surgery

Mark McGrath plastic surgery

Mark McGrath Before and After Photos

He was considered one of the sexiest rock stars of his era. That era however, is the 90’s and as they all say, time flies when you are having fun. The “Sugar Ray” frontman, Mark McGrath is prepped for the crossroads of life, he is a man who has incorporated vanity into the Rock N’ Roll fusion and the reality of getting older can sometimes be a little too much to bear. Mark McGrath plastic surgery could be something that could get the man back in the running of the who’s-who. Let’s see if that is just what he indeed did.

The fans from his past and some who mostly know only the current McGrath, all believe that he shouldn’t have even thought twice about the prospect of plastic surgery. The fact is, by looking at McGrath, it is pretty hard to deny that he hadn’t even a little bit of work done. His face has been looking a little bit on the strange side but he may just be in the process of getting more work employed relatively soon.

The Sexiest Man

McGrath, although considered a pretty boy, has always been what you would consider more on the manlier side. He had his own appeal that is for sure and in 1998 he was considered one of the sexiest men in the world. So, for all the fans who have looked up to McGrath, they are the ones who can see the definite changes for which he has recently dawned.

Some people have commented that he even looks a little bit on the scary side. Judging by the whole appearance of his face all together, it looks more than obvious that he had at least had little bit of Botox. Whatever the case may be, the new look kind of fails the mcGrath and it is the time for him to decide whether he needs to keep going or to try and make a correction the over the work which has already been completed.

Botox Baddie

His face simply looks as if it has been stretched quite a bit and that look in particular would be labeled as frozen. The skin of his face in generally looks much younger but it is not without its consequences. There likely wouldn’t be anybody who would choose his latest face over the one prior to it.

His eyes also look like they have been lifted and narrowed and this time the work was done pretty decently but still short of professional. What it has done though, is it has given his eye region and lower forehead much more of a vibrant look than it has had in the past. Right now, before he goes any further with his transformation, he needs to do a little bit of backtracking regarding his prior procedure of Botox.

A Redo in the Works for McGrath

Mark McGrath plastic surgery could have been done a little better but he is still in the range of time to where he can undo much of what the Botox has done. The man still rocks and he has also still a chance at a comeback at some point in the future.