Mary Matalin Plastic Surgery

Mary Matalin Plastic Surgery

Mary Matalin Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Mary Matalin, 52 is a renowned American political consultant well known for her work with Republican Party. She is one of the most celebrated and popular figures among conservative voices in America. She has been a long serving Republican strategist who served under president George w. Bush as an assistant, served under president Ronald Reagan, as campaign director for George H.W Bush and a counselor to vice president Dick Cheney until 2003. Matalin has been serving as the chief editor of Threshold Editions, a conservative publishing imprint. She is married to democratic political consultant James Carville.

Plastic Surgery Rumors

Rumors are gaining ground that Matalin did a plastic surgery. Her photos before and after alleged surgery reveal that she has gone under the blade for some surgery corrections. Critics are questioning her sudden change because her face is looking younger, fresh and smoother. A look at her reveals a lot about the plastic surgery claims. She now looks so much cuter and elegant. Her cheeks look enhanced although they also look tepid when viewed at a close range. How could she look that young at the age of 61? There must be a secret behind her young look. Comparison of Photos of her before and after the rumored surgery reveals that her appearance is not natural and that she has gone under surgery treatments.

Matalin Plastic Surgery Speculations

Mary Matalin at 61 is not getting younger. Age is no longer on her side. Critics say that the facelift seems to favor her. She is looking very much younger than her age. Her face glows like that of a young lady. Wrinkles and ugly lines have disappeared completely from her forehead and entire face. Despite the reality of her age, she vows she is never going to look old. This must be the reason why she decided to go under the knife. Many believe that alleged surgery seems to favor her. She is looking prettier than before. Her entire physical appearance has improved a great deal. Her face is looking sharp and firm!

Mary Matlin Reaction to the Rumors

So far she seems unperturbed about the rumors going on about the issue of the surgery. She is yet to make a public statement about the issue. She has not admitted of doing facelift or dermal and filter injections or any kind of surgery. She is rather more committed on breaking new grounds in her political career.

Possible plastic Surgeries Mary Underwent

It is quite evident from her current physical appearance she might have undergone through dermal and filter injections. Wrinkles that she had before have disappeared. She is looking much younger than her age.

She is also accused of going through a facelift; this has helped her maintain her youthful appearance. It is also rumored she must have had her Botox done. This explains why she has a smooth complexion and the reason her wrinkles disappeared. She might have gone through lip injections too. When it comes to her lips they look fuller and the smile has turned to young, it is possible she might have done lip injections as well.

Surgery Results

She looks prettier than before. Face is looking sharp and firm. Her physical appearance has improved a great deal.  This would be considered a successful result where the patient is not going to far outside of their normal God given looks but instead is showing strategic thinking in their surgical decisions.