Mckenzie Westmore Plastic Surgery Before and After

Mckenzie Westmore Plastic Surgery Before and After

Mckenzie Westmore Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

She was born as Mckenzie Kate Westmore on the 26th of April 1977 in San Fernando California in the United States. She is an American singer and actress born of Marion Christine Bergeson and Michael Westmore both of who worked as makeup artists in the film industry. She majored in music at the County High School of Arts in Los Angeles and graduated in 1995. She released her film debut in 2008 when she portrayed the role of Dr. Riley Sinclair in All My Children. She has also guest starred in several other television works including Dexter and an episode of the sitcom Friends. She was brought to the limelight after being a cast member of the television soap Passion which aired from 1999 to 2008. She portrayed the role of Sheridan Crane. She is currently a host of the television reality show Faceoff.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

She is a beautiful actress with an average body build and it is no surprise that she has been placed under the cosmetic surgery microscope. Her age defying beauty and enhanced boobs have led to anti-aging and breast implants speculations. The controversy in the allegations lie on the fact that her surgeries are not as obvious as the changes observed in her body. Additionally, he silence over the issue has simply added fuel to the fire. However, she has shared some of her beauty tricks insinuating that she does not depend on surgery to look ever young and refreshed either way, it is believed that she has had a nip and a tuck to enhance and also hold on to her young looks.

Nose job, Facelift and Breast Augmentation

It is believed that the sassy actress went for a nose refining procedure to improve her looks. In her after pictures, you will notice that her nose is thinner and more elegant than in her before pictures. Being the daughter of makeup artists, could she have learnt the makeup trick to temporarily alter the size of her nose? This is a question that will never be answered if the celebrity maintains silence over the trending speculations.

The age defying beauty is also thought to have gone for a facelift procedure to maintain her ever refreshed looks. Facelifts are a common and nearly undetectable making it the perfect procedure for those who never want to talk about their procedures. It is argued that McKenzie went for this skin tightening procedure to rid her face of wrinkles and sagging skin.

There is an obvious change in her cup size and given that this change occurred after she had passed her formative years, breast implants become the obvious suspect. Unless she wears heavily padded bras, there seems to be no other valid explanation to this unnatural growth of her boobs.

Surgery Results

McKenzie is the complete package: with her refreshed looks, average body build and her flat stomach, she is among the most attractive women in the industry. Luckily for her, her speculated surgeries all turned out well. Her beauty has not only been enhanced but she looks like the young version of herself.