Melania Trump Plastic Surgery

Melania Trump Plastic Surgery

Melania Trump Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

It is said that there are only three ways of making a lot of money: stealing; marrying a rich person, or inheriting. Melania Trump belongs to the second category. She is the third wife of the super-rich tycoon and real estate magnate Donald Trump. Her enchanting exotic beauty must have had a magnetic pull on Donald Trump since she is a former Slovenian model. Her marriage to the tycoon has lasted for nine years. She is currently forty-four years old having been born in 1970. Being married to such a high-profile individual, comes with a fair dose of insecurities and replacement headaches. A man like Donald Trump can get another young hot trophy wife at the drop of a hat. It is mandatory for Melania Trump to look as dazzling as the first time that Donald set his eyes on her. A single flaw on her appearance can make her meet the fate of Trump’s ex-wives Ivana Trump and Marla Trump. The intense pressure to maintain a flawless appearance must have driven Melania to go under a plastic surgeon’s scalpel. The fact that she has more than enough money to finance cosmetic surgery made the decision relatively easy for her.

4Melania Trump Plastic Surgery Rumors

Melania Trump looks too young, fascinating, and fabulous for a forty-four year old woman. Her “before and after” pictures reveal radical and drastic changes in her appearance. She has denied that she has had plastic surgery and claimed that she has sensitive skin that makes it impossible for her to undergo cosmetic surgery. Her denial has only fueled the plastic surgery gossip surrounding her. It is rumored that she has had breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and regular Botox and Juverderm injections.

3Melania Trump Plastic Surgery Breast Augmentation (Boob Job)

Breasts are the axis around which feminine attraction and self-esteem revolves. The bigger, firmer, and rounder they are; the higher the level of feminine appeal. It is speculated that Melania Trump has had some work done on her twins. Her breasts have not undergone extensive enlargement, but there is a noticeable increase in their size. They are also firmer and more rounded than they used to be.

2Melania Trump Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Nose jobs have become a staple in every celebrity’s plastic surgery diet. Nose jobs are necessitated by the need to align the nose to the other features of the face after undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures. Her nose used to be too wide and the tip was a bit unshapely in her “before” pictures. In her “after” pictures her nose appears to be narrower, pinched, and more refined. The only way to achieve such an improvement on nasal appearance is through undergoing a rhinoplasty. The nose job was successful as it has considerably improved and complimented her appearance.

1Melania Trump Plastic Surgery Botox and Juverderm Injections

The suspicions about the use of filler injections have been raised by the fact that her face appears too young and her skin appears to be fresher than during her modeling days. There are no visible lines on her face and her face is completely wrinkle-free. Her face is too perfect for a forty-four-year-old woman. It is possible that she relies on a regular regimen of Juvederm and Botox injections to prevent her age from taking a toll on her appearance.

Melania Trump’s plastic surgery must have been conducted by one of the top-notch plastic surgeons in the United States. The results are impeccable and commendable. She should refer celebrities who have had botched plastic surgery operations to her surgeon. She looks more magnificent and younger than she did during her modeling years. Her head-turning facial appearance, tantalizing boobs, and model figure will keep Donald Stump stuck on her. He will not be tempted to look elsewhere in a long, long time. Melania Trump plastic surgery has played an important role in assisting her to secure and fortify her reign as the queen of Donald Trump’s empire.