Nikki Cox: Plastic Surgery Gone Bad

Nikki Cox: Plastic Surgery Gone Bad

We hear great stories about celebrities (especially actresses) both young and old and their appearance enhancements through plastic surgery. Well, it is not always a bed of roses. Let us take the case of Nikki Cox as an example. Talk of plastic surgery gone bad!

Nikki was a successful actress with a career which began in the early 90s. She was your attractive, gorgeous, lovely actress with a beautiful smile which often landed her “the hot chick” roles. If you were old enough you can probably remember her role in the TV show “Las Vegas” among many other movies and shows. This was until she discovered plastic surgery and all hell broke loose!

Nikki Cox: Plastic Surgery Gone Bad

Let’s start with her breasts. In the early 90’s breast implants were gaining popularity among celebrities and Nikki like many others decided to give it try. She changed them from the previous saggy breasts to ones that looked bigger and pushed up probably due to the large size of the silicon implants. This seemingly went perfectly well since the new boobs seemed to match her 5’7″ height and body shape perfectly.

Then came her eyes. They became narrower and wider meaning she probably had an eyelid lift and her eyebrows looked more stuffed. However, all this was ruined by another enhancement on her face.

Finally, the infamous lips augmentation in 2008, which involved insertion of permanent fillers or transplants in her lips, that probably ended her acting career forcing her to take up voice-over work for cartoons instead. Her lips changed from her old thin lips to the new fuller and wider lips. Sadly, this did her more harm than good since they did not seem to match her looks. The full lips made her already small nose and eyes look even smaller. Her trademark beautiful smile also changed to a smile the seemed stuffed and unnatural. Unfortunately, once your plastic surgery goes wrong there is little you can do to reverse it even with corrective surgeries.

In conclusion, it is important to note that Nikki herself has continually denied the use of Botox injections and fillers. However, her previous and current pictures tell a different story! You be the judge of that.