Patricia Richardson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

patricia richardson plastic surgery

Patricia Richardson Plastic Surgery and New Look

Patricia Richardson is among the old celebrities rumored to have had plastic surgery. Known from Home Improvement, the famous television sitcom that rocked the world in as early as the 90’s, Patricia Richardson is definitely a pretty mom. Her dazzling looks have been the cause of surgery speculations. At sixty, it is expected that a woman should have visible signs of aging. This is not the case for Patricia Richardson; she looks twenty years younger than her real age.

patricia richardson plastic surgery

What Surgeries Has She Had?

In her early sixties, the mother of three is still a phantom of beauty. Allegedly, she has had a number of minor facial surgeries to her fight the signs of aging. It is rumored that the pretty mom has had both Botox and dermal injections. Naturally, as old age sets in, your smooth forehead is among the first things to go. Followed by the fat around your cheeks and soon your beautiful face will be no more. Apparently, Patricia could not bear to lose her pretty face just yet. She had the two surgeries to take care of the anti ageing signs on her face. The Botox injection gave her the smooth and radiant, wrinkle free forehead that sits on her face. On the other hand, the dermal injection eliminated the other aging signs like laugh lines and crow feet.

Surgery Results

Most women at Patricia’s age have these kinds of surgeries; however, they tend to get too aggressive in this fight against old age. Evidently, Patricia knows how to play it cool. She treated her aging marks with the right dosage of restylane and juvaderm. The dazzling results speak for itself. A look at her face does not automatically reveal that she has had these surgeries. Presently her forehead is a bit elevated just a as expected of women her age but the pastiness comes in with the wrinkle free skin covering her forehead. Thanks to her surgeon, Patricia’s face is a blend of plastic and natural making it almost impossible to recognize any traces of surgery. To top it up, her healthy habits have helped her relatively lower the aging rate.