Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

pete burns plastic surgery

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery and New Look

Pete burns is the king of plastic surgery. He is one of those celebrities who have experience the good, the bad and the ugly side of plastic surgery. Despite his traumatic experiences with plastic surgery, he has not given up on reforming his looks just yet. The controversial musician has had surgical procedures repeatedly performed on him.

pete burns plastic surgery

What Surgeries Has He Had?

It is almost impossible to say his name without following it up with a surgical procedure. He has had facelifts, lip procedures, chemical peels, filler injections, nose job and Botox injections. The controversies in these surgeries arise from the fact that the musician has had these surgeries done on his face over and over again. At this rate, it is almost impossible to imagine that Pete has any natural feature left in his face.

Most of these surgical procedures are effective when economically done. Pete’s case is a twisted addiction to plastic surgery. It is like he is unable to maintain one look for a year. He equates surgery to decorating a house. However, his extreme surgical procedures have not been that bad after all; he has once enjoyed a 450,000 pounds compensation of a lip surgery gone wrong.

Any normal person would have shied away from plastic surgery after what happened to his lips. Apparently, he is not a normal person; he had to put up with a swollen face and badly bruised lips for over a year but he is still confessing his love for plastic surgery

Surgery Results

Pete burns plastic surgery is a case of plastic surgery gone wrong. There is nothing to a look at on his face since it is all so plastic. At least he has the decency to admit having had these procedures performed on him. His supposed I do not care attitude is not doing him any favors. It is either he has no value for his life or he has a twisted sense of beauty. It is best for this musician to drop the act and start considering a series of corrective surgeries before it is too late.