Portia de Rossi Nose Job

Portia de Rossi Nose Job

Portia de Rossi Nose Job – Before and After Pictures

Portia de Rossi is one of the most outstanding Australian-American film stars with an additional gift of a model. She remains an extraordinary sensation in the lives of many celebrity watchers. At the age of 41, Portia has had various hits and misses both in her personal life and on the celebrity stage. The lucky people who have walked with her through thick and thin know very well that she is a woman of tough resolve whenever the storms of life lash in her direction. She is capable of making hard decisions. At the age of 15, chose her current name from the character of Portia in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice. Since then, she has done incredibly well in trying to follow into the footsteps of her Shakespeare’s memorable character. Nonetheless, some speculations of plastic surgery have kept nagging her from every direction. The rumors are many and varied. Some bloggers seem to have declared interest in Portia’s nose. Others want to write and talk about her bust and butt. It appears as if every part of her being is up for discussion.

Portia de Rossi Nose Job

Did Portia Go Under the Knife?

Celebrity watchers have always insisted that Portia sought the services of some surgeons to improve her looks before her fans. The problem with celebrities is that they often fight losing battles in their quest for privacy. The moment Rossi entered the celebrity limelight, she ceded some rights of her privacy to both her adoring fans and the insidious gossipers. Questions about the possibility of plastic surgery have kept flowing in her direction. Fans consider Portia as an incredibly beautiful woman. However, critics think that her beautiful face is a direct result of one or various plastic enhancement procedures. Impressions are created about the possibility of the glamorous woman seeking some nose job or Botox treatment to hold onto her threatened youthfulness. Like many of her peers in the celebrity world, she has not found any good reasons to furnish her critics with generous details about her beauty.

Why Gossipers have Used the Before and After Pictures to Reinforce their Views

Gossipers have taken time and great effort to find proof of Portia’s rhinoplasty from the before and after photos. In their view, Portia had a slightly bigger nose bridge and a blunt tip in her early days in stardom. They argue that the exact features diminished at some point and were replaced by a more beautiful nose. Some of the photos used suggest that Portia looks more beautiful in her 40s than she did in her 20s because of cosmetic modifications on her nose. The problem with pictures is that they are susceptible manipulation. A very old can show radically different pictures when matched because of matters of clarity or differences in dress and ornaments. However, gossipers have scored some points in their views directed towards other celebrities. In the case of Portia, nothing can be precise until the day or night she will choose to clear the air.

Is Portia Haunted by her Past with Anorexia?

It would never make enough sense to discuss Portia before mentioning something about her past struggles with Anorexia. Although it is just a condition like any other, the grapevine has often cited the condition to hint that Portia still struggles with more personality challenges. The obsession to lose weight could have transformed into a secondary condition that prods her in the direction of plastic surgery. Some of her fans might consider such speculation a bit too far in the direction of the absurd. Nevertheless, it makes good sense to come to terms with the rigors of celebrity life. Portia did not come onto the celebrity stage for a short stint. She meant it to be a lifetime career. In many ways, she has succeeded tremendously in staying young and lovely at 41. Perhaps, the valuable question should be whether the therapy succeeded or failed. Many on her side would answer in the affirmative. Her critics could kick up a second storm.